target the right
customer with our

Audience Report

what it is

Reach the right customers with research from our Audience Report.
Get user stories, unique buyers' journeys and content ideas to
target your search audience.

To get a full picture of your customers' needs, we leave no data source untouched. From desk
research and cluster modeling to mailing list enhancement and behavioral research, we
gather all of the information we can find. Then we build personas based on that data to show
you the type of customer who is searching for your product or service.

Our Audience Report Include:

Detailed User Stories
and Characteristics

Who is Anti-mainstream Aaron and what are his preferences when it comes to music? Our user stories tell you.

Individual Buyers' Journey

Each persona finds information and has unique buying behavior. We map out each journey and which channels are best to reach customers at each stage.

Content Targeting

What types of content resonate with each persona? Does your site currently have it? Our audience report answers these questions and more.

Why You Need It

Customers are the foundation of all marketing. Targeting them
in Organic Search through content begins with understanding
who they are and what they are searching for.

With an Audience Report, Your Brand Can:

Pivot Keyword Targeting

You think your customers are searching for X but really they're searching for Y, pivot your keyword targeting accordingly.

Tailor Content Strategy

With a better understanding of who your audience is you can tailor messaging and content to their needs.

Align Channels & KPIs

Knowing your audience is the first step in channel selection and how to define success based on audience behavior

See It In Action

A persona is worth a thousand words

Track your customer from research to post-purchase

Get content ideas for each persona group

Meet Your Ideal Customer

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