Empower your content team
with SEO best practices

SEO Copy Brief

What It Is

Your content team is full of smart, talented creators who turn strategic direction into content success. Our SEO Copy Brief provides the strategic, search-driven direction your team can use. It maps keyword targets to your site’s content, uses natural language processing and provides SEO copywriting best practices to educate and empower your team.

We do the leg work: in-depth keyword research, gathering your site’s architecture and making expert decisions
on which keywords map best to which pages. We provide clear direction on how to use our keyword mapping
and create real life examples for your content creators to see how it’s done.

The SEO Copy Brief outlines:

Why You Need It

Your team has a handle on content marketing and they produce amazing content. But you want to go the extra mile and capitalize on your organic opportunity. The SEO Copy Brief provides that direction without having to hire a full-time SEO.

Your team can use it to:

Optimize Existing Pages

Brainstorm Content Ideas

Create New Content

See It In Action

A full-length guide and manual

Keyword buckets broken down by page

Best practices for every step in the process

Take Your Content Team to the Next Level