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SEO Site Audit

What It Is

Need a laundry list of action items to improve your site’s Organic Search performance?
Our SEO Site Audit looks under the hood and uncovers the quick fixes, patchovers and
blind spots that are impacting your organic traffic.

We view your site the way a search engine does and present not only findings but the context of those findings
as related to your business and recommendations to fix issues. Our SEO Site Audits cover technical, content,
linking, mobile and page speed issues. And it doesn’t stop there. More than a laundry list of SEO items, we dig
deep into your site architecture to provide the context you need to get things done.

Here are some questions our audit answers:

Why You Need It

Customers flock to Google with questions. Make sure your site has the answers they need
by improving your organic visibility. The SEO Site Audit identifies your site’s barriers and provides clear action on how to remove them.

SEO site Audit reviews your site from a technical POV and looks at:

See It In Action

Identify the problem

Discover the best solution

Clear direction to improve SEO

Fix your SEO issues once and for all

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