If it’s hiding in the code,
we’ll find it and fix it

Technical Recommendations

What It Is

Optimization begins with a sound foundation and our Technical Recommendations review your site’s code to ensure it’s a good base. From page structure to programming languages, we review your website from the perspective of a search engine.

Our Technical Recommendations leave no code unparsed and provides a clear picture of
the barriers blocking your Organic visibility. But we wouldn’t be us if we stopped there.
We provide clear recommendations and consulting on how to fix it.

How We Do It:

1. We use advanced crawling tools (and more than just once) to build a full picture of your site’s architecture.

2. Whether you’ve just completed a migration or have redirects in place, our crawl will uncover any holes.

3. From there we diagnose the problem and pull from our reserve of best practices to provide the most effective solution.

Why You Need It

Translating SEO needs to development teams can be difficult for marketers. Our Technical Recommendations are the bridge between marketing and development. It starts the conversation and helps to get technical fixes across the finish line.

Some of the issues our Technical Recommendations have solved:

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