November 6th Sunday 7: SEO Must Reads

SEO must reads from Oct 31st - Nov 6th, 2011 curated by Michael King aka iPullRank.

Lazy Sunday Reading

Sorry I skipped a week last week for the Sunday 7, I was all over the place trying to get my decks finished for my 2 presentations this week. This was quite the epic SEO week for me. I spoke at Distilled’s SearchLove New York about the intersection of SEO and Social Media and Seattle Interactive about the marriage between SEO and UX.

Truthfully I could just list a bunch of recaps from SearchLove and be done here because all of the speakers came with the heat! However I will not because a lot of interesting stuff happened this week. Even so Michelle Lowery killed it with the liveblogging of the conference.

Let’s get started.

  1. Custom Reporting using Google Analytics and Google Docs – The Ultimate Analytics Mashup by Jamie Steven. Jamie unveils a method for getting GA data into Google Docs in real-time. Why I think it’s important: The explanation just said it all. Excellent work Jamie!
  2. The Link Building Essentials by Paddy Moogan. Paddy Moogan takes it back to basics on why links are important to our work. Why I think it’s important: Paddy gives an up to date reference guide making the case for the uninformed that makes educating clients that much easier.
  3. Googlebot is Chrome by Joshua Giardino. Sorry to be self-serving here but I think Josh’s work could use a lot more visibility. He goes in-depth about how Googlebot is not a text-based crawler but a headless web browser that can render full pages. Why I think it’s important: It puts Google on the hook to improve search quality much more and it tells us we can’t hide anything from them using JavaScript.
  4. Google’s “Freshness” Update – Whiteboard Friday by Rand Fishkin & myself. Rand and I discuss Google’s brand new Freshness update and its potential implications. Why I think it’s important: The freshness update is said to affect 35% of queries, it’s very good to know what to look for.
  5. Methods for Evaluating Freshness by Justin Briggs. Justin delivers an incredible post on how freshness may be determined after some patent diving. Why I think it’s important: It’s important to identify the factors that may influence freshness.
  6. SEO Beats PPC & Social Media For Generating Leads, New Industry Report Says by Matt McGee. Matt talks about a study that reveals SEO is a better source of leads than PPC and Social. Why I think it’s important: This study will help with getting buy-ins for SEO and I can’t wait to dump it in a presentation.
  7. Life After Google is Now: 9 Pieces of Advice on How a New Site Can Succeed Without Search by Stephen from SEOGadget. Stephen talks about some key takeaways from a site strategy that had no SEO. Why I think it’s important: As digital strategists it’s important that we take advantage of all the available channels as Search becomes increasingly nuanced. This post is a great example of such.

Catch you guys next week!


Mike King

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