The Sunday 7: SEO Must Reads (October 9th Edition)

Check out the top 7 must reads for SEO from October 2nd - 8th curated by Michael King (iPullRank).

Lazy Sunday Hammock Reading

You’re busy. I’m busy. However on Sundays I bet your less busy. I use most of Sunday to clean up and get caught up on my reading from the week. The Sunday Seven series is a list of the Seven most important posts from the week to help you get caught up with the innovations going on in search.

  1. Concerns with Link Valuation by Justin Briggs. Justin expresses some concerns about the value of links and the strategies for their procurement. Why I think it’s important: He brings up great points about the holes in playing the numbers game for link building.
  2. New SEO Reports in Google Analytics Now Here by Cyrus Shepard – Cyrus walks us through the new SEO reports that you can get in GA when you tie it to Google Webmaster Tools. Why I think it’s important: It’s always important to stay abreast of the new features for measurement and Google Analytics has stepped it up a lot in the last few weeks.
  3. Data Scraping guide for SEO by Himanshu Sharma. This is a comprehensive guide to all your scraping needs for Excel/Google Docs users. Why I think it’s important: Data scraping is an very valuable skill for SEO for understanding what’s going on with a site at a glance. Some tools are quite limited for this and its important for non-developers to be able to build custom scrapers to speed up the work. I highly recommend this post.
  4. Improving Page Speed with Amazon Web Services – A Beginner’s Guide by Mario Lurig. This is a walk-through of building CDNs using AWS to improve the page load time of a site. Why I think it’s important: It’s no secret that Google has been using page speed as a proxy for determining the quality of User Experience and as a factor in the Panda algorithm. This tutorial is a must read!
  5. SEO Pricing Models: How Much Should You Charge by Mark Jackson. Mark Jackson discusses the pricing of SEO and the importance of having sales people that know what they are talking about. Why I think it’s important: I’ve been around salespeople that don’t understand the value of SEO, what it takes to do it, or how to manage the expectations of those that buy it. I wish I could add this one to an orientation manual.
  6. What is a Reverse Proxy and How Can it Help My SEO? by Evan Fishkin. The R&D team at SlingshotSEO breaks down the concept of a reverse proxy and how it can be used to make a subdomain appear as a subfolder. Why I think it’s important: I think the description already says it – ha!
  7. Beating the Panda – Diagnosing and Rescuing a Client’s Traffic by John Doherty. John breaks down how to identify a Panda hit. Why I think it’s important: A lot of Panda posts are complaints and conjecture but I haven’t seen many where people walk you through the identification and give you good actionable insights on what to do next. John does that here.

Obviously these are the most important posts of the week in my opinion but if you feel as though I’ve left anything out please add your favorites in the comments below. Also let me know if Sunday 7 is something you found useful!

Mike King

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