The Sunday 7: SEO Must Reads (October 23rd Edition)

October 23, 2011 must reads as curated by Michael King (iPullRank)

Easily the most important thing that everyone talked and posted about this week was Google killing the search referrals for logged in users.  There were a bunch of great posts by people like Rhea Drysdale, Ian Lurie and Rand Fishkin about it but I refuse to allow it to occupy 7 posts. So here we go:

  1. Google Puts a Price on Privacy by Danny Sullivan – Danny wrote the most comprehensive post about the Search referrer situation with Google and signed in users. Why I think it’s important: Do I really have to answer this at this point?
  2. Avinash Kaushik shows you how to estimate the impact of the Referrer change  by Avinash Kaushik – Avinash shows you on Google Plus a method for identifying how much the referral change will affect your reporting. Why I think it’s important: As with any change the big G makes, it’s important to know the impact on your ability to market.
  3. A Tale of Two Studies: Establishing Google & Bing Click-Through Rates by SlingShotSEO – The good people on the SlingshotSEO Research and Development team return with a study of CTR for Bing to follow up their Google CTR study from this summer. Why I think it’s important: It’s cool to see how abysmal Bing’s CTR is.
  4. How to Recruit an SEO by Matthew Ogston – Matthew talks to some SEO luminaries about what they look for in candidates for SEO roles.  Why I think it’s important:  This is a great guide for those looking for SEO roles right now and those looking for SEOs.
  5. The Power of Slideshare for Inbound Marketing by Tom Critchlow – Tom talks about leveraging Slideshare to gain exposure and reach. Why I think it’s important: Slideshare is awesome. The first deck I put up there got on the front page as well so I can attest to everything Tom is saying in his post. There’s also some really good decks that he features in the post.
  6. Download The Latest Google Search Quality Rating Guidelines by Barry Schwartz – Barry Schwartz alerts us of a newly leaked Google Search Quality Rating Guidelines document. Why I think it’s important: It’s good to know what G is looking for.
  7. SEO Copywriting Cheatsheet by Ian Lurie – Ian puts out the guide that will be the only thing I send to every copywriter I work with from now on. Why I think it’s important: Because Ian has saved me from yelling at copywriters. =]
Sorry this was late this week. I wanted to have a lazy weekend for once. =]
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Mike King

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