Episode 4 - How Enterprises Should Navigate the Recession


On Episode 4 of Advice From The Hart, Chris explains how you should approach the pending recession and what steps you should take to make sure your organization is prepared.

He gives details on what actions you should be taking now to get ahead of it and what you can learn from the past that may give you an advantage over your competitors.


[:23] WHAT SHOULD Enterprise Organizations DO Heading Into A Recession?

I think as an organization, you really have to take stock in yourself and say, what is the appropriate kind of spending that needs to be done now for your organization to make sure you are ready to do business for when the recession goes away? or changes? or makes a turn?

I like the phrase, this there’s no such thing as luck. There’s when preparedness and opportunity have a serendipitous relationship and all of a sudden, boom, you’re in the right place at the right time. And you’ve done all the things.

[4:26] Avoid Getting LEAPFROGGED BY Your Competitors

Now’s that now is the time to say, “I’m about to go into this potential recession. What do I need to do to clean my house?” 

  • How can you audit your old content?
  • How could you set the team in place making proper hires?
  • How can you realign on goals?
  • Where are some areas you can trim the fat?


  • Look at your competitors
  • Rethink and audit your SEO spend and campaigns
  • Learn who your audience is


For one final example, guaranteed people in your industry are going to pull back competitors guaranteed, which is going to leave users in some, some areas partway through a decision process, and then unsatisfied with customer service at the close of the final mile or groups of people that made a product.

  • Refocus
  • Find out how you’re spending money to engage with your clients
  • Codify your relationships

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