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Leverage generative AI content with confidence. Implement an AI playbook across your entire organization that maintains your brand’s values, voice, and standards of quality.

AI technology with expert guidance

You’ve heard about all of the innovations in AI. It’s overwhelming. You’re tasked with taking your organization to the next level of marketing and SEO. But you can’t afford the risks to your brand without the proper policies and training in place. 

That’s where iPullRank can set you and your team up for AI success. Prevent the missteps of an immature business. Instill a culture of measured innovation and start putting AI technology to work in stride with your employees. 

Find efficiencies, develop customizations unique to your business, and use AI as a competitive advantage, not a liability.

We’ve been Driving Results with Generative AI Since 2020


A global eCommerce marketplace increased revenue $290M+ in YoY growth with AI content

What we did

We wrote a script to produce AI-generated content and inject topically relevant internal links into the copy across thousands of category pages. The experiment produced a 167% lift in traffic. 



Organic Search Sessions YoY



In Number of Transactions YoY




Generative AI Training, Tools, and Strategy

What does a comprehensive and immersive generative AI engagement look like? We can help you advocate for responsible generative AI usage. Your employees get personalized tools and training to flex their creativity and productivity with expert-level support.

Generative AI

Train your team to use the most popular generative AI tools. They’ll design creative on-brand content across mediums. Your employees will learn where human touch and editing are necessary while scaling content marketing efforts with tested and vetted prompt engineering tips.


We teach your team how to maximize output from tools such as ChatGPT, Midjourney, and DALL-E. You’ll learn quality control techniques where human editing is critical.

Generative AI
Content Strategy

People generally use generative Al tools in isolation rather than with the oversight of enterprise-sanctioned methods. Our team works with yours to integrate these tools, enhance workflows, and develop governance models that make them work for the whole enterprise.


We define a toolkit, content models, brand voice and tone, and how to use them within generative Al tools. You’ll be able to work more efficiently, and always on brand.


Prompt engineering is an emerging skill set that takes a long time to develop through trial and error. Our team develops custom prompt libraries that perfectly capture your brand’s voice and tone, so you can generate top-quality output every time, without all the guess and check.


Your collection of custom prompts for all of your content tuned to your brand voice. You’ll receive detailed instructions to use them for your branded content materials.

Our 8-Step Approach To Your Custom Generative AI Content Program

Leveraging our extensive enterprise Content Strategy experience, we work with you to craft a generative AI process that seamlessly blends your existing workflows with AI-enhanced functional and practical execution.

Graphic showcasing the iPullRank AI Content strategy framework
  • Review Client Goals and Content Strategy: We take a deep dive into how your Content Strategy currently operates to replicate and expand on it through AI.
  • Identify AI integration points: We look for places in your existing processes and tools to integrate AI functionality.
  • Prepare Generative AI Content Plan: We build out the content models, workflows, governance models, and toolkit for generative AI.
  • Build Prompt Library: We develop a library of prompts to be used across your organization for various content use cases.
  • Output QA: We run the prompts through a series of QA tests to ensure that content is always generated as expected.
  • Optimize Outputs: We improve prompts that do not pass our QA tests.
  • Knowledge Transfer: We deliver the prompts and training on how to use the new content systems.
  • Maintenance: We update and optimize prompts as generative AI tools update and emerge.

iPullRank Generative AI Education and Resources

Discover how you can quickly gain a competitive edge with generative AI. Our team has been navigating the noise of innovation across the AI landscape and put together a set of articles that can help you stay on top of the opportunities and risks that this technology presents.

Generative AI Still Requires Content Strategy

Discover why you need to build a generative AI content strategy at the organizational level to future-proof your content and brand direction.

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AI Content is not the SEO threat they want you to think it is

Despite Google’s policies around AI Content, using the tech correctly does not necessarily impact your visibility and search traffic negatively.

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As ChatGPT and other AI generation tools become mainstream, discover how the technology will impact content production teams.

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Generative AI Video Content

Generative AI Still Requires Content Strategy

Feature image for a fireside chat on ai content strategy and governance

Michael King, Kyle Marino, and Garrett Sussman discuss how generative AI needs to be baked into your content marketing workflows.

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Is AI Content The SEO Boogey Man?

Mike King and Zach Chahalis of iPullRank discuss the opportunities and challenges that are surfacing in the world of AI-written content for SEO.

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AI Content for SEO: How To Avoid Pitfalls and Achieve Success

Optimize your content using Large Language Models (LLMs) and ChatGPT with in-context learning, multi-prompting, and structured data.

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Considering Generative AI FOR YOUR CONTENT AND SEO?

AI generative content has gone mainstream.

Content creators are terrified that they’ll be replaced.

SEOs are declaring that SEO is dead. Too many companies aren’t familiar with the opportunities and risks of the tools and the tech.

What should your business do?

Become a Market Leader Fueled By Generative AI

Don’t let the steep learning curve of generative AI hold you back any longer. Contact us today to learn more about our training programs and customized solutions.


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