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FEATURING Lidia Infante

In episode 75, Lidia Infante of Sanity explains the strategies Ecommerce organizations can deploy to start dominating in the SERPs. 

She gives us some information around what has changed in the SERPs recently and what the benefits and drawbacks may be for brands.

Episode Time Stamps

  • [0:00] Intro
  • [1:27] What Direction Are Ecommerce SERPs headed?
  • [4:40] Are People Really Using Google Lens?
  • [6:45] How Can Google Shopping Improve?
  • [9:30] Google vs Amazon ?
  • [12:00] Key Opportunities for Ecommerce
  • [17:55] How To Optimize Your SEO For Ecommerce
  • [19:55] Rapid Fire Ranking 🔥

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This Week's guest

Lidia Infante

Title: Senior SEO Manager

Business: Sanity


Bio: Born and raised in Barcelona, Lidia Infante has been helping businesses reach their audiences in search across European markets, the US and Australia. She has used her background in Business and Psychology to drive organic growth for ecommerce sites, media and SaaS.

Using her 10 years of experience in marketing, Lidia develops and executes SEO strategies to assist organizations in optimizing digital activity and growth online.

Lidia has contributed to events, webinars, and publications including, MozCon, Search Engine Journal, Women in Tech SEO, and more.

Rank your Top 3 favorite things:
  • Chocolate
  • Cross stitching
  • My cat
Rank your Top 3 SEO tools:

Rank your best SEO trick/tactic:

This one is stolen from Crystal Carter at the Women In Tech SEO Fest.

She talked to us about optimizing profile people pages for E-A-T conversions and rankings. And it’s a CRAZY strategy. It’s very very good.

Rank what you love most about SEO as an industry:

It perfectly combines creativity, data, and people.

Rank your best learning SEO resource: by Aleyda Solis

Rank the top 1-3 SEO or Marketers that you most look up to:

Rank your best SEO experiment/win:

I designed and deployed a strategy for a huge American brand that I cannot name because of NDAs. It was projected to receive 115 million visits… it was really impressive.

We could see them going up like crazy.

Rank your number one cause/charity that you want to promote:

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