Mike King is turning 40. After August 29th, he can’t be on this list.

This list comes out Monday, August 30th.

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The SEO Community is supportive. As an industry, the nuances of SEO change frequently while the fundamentals stay the same.

In honor of Mike King’s 40th birthday, iPullRank wants to shine the spotlight on the SEOs that are innovating, breaking new ground, and finding new ways to succeed at SEO.

We’re asking YOU to share who inspires you? Who (under the age of 40) deserves to have their voice lifted up? 

Please nominate the person that you think represents the best of us in the world of SEO.

Nominations are due Friday, August 27th by 5:00 pm ET.

Fill out the form below 👇

Example Nomination

Areej AbuAli


SEO Specialty:



Nominated by:

Garrett Sussman | iPullRank

What makes them special?

Areej has built an entire community around SEO, diversity, and lifting up others. She invests so much of herself mentoring and creating a welcoming and safe community for women in tech SEO.

I admire her dedication to making our industry a welcoming place. She’s created an unmatched wealth of resources that inspires other women to build their SEO careers on a day to day basis.

Have questions? Please email garrett@ipullrank.com and I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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