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Don’t you want nuanced rank tracking that’s accurate and useful?

Nothing significant has changed about rank tracking tools in at least 8 years.  Those tools still operate based on the model of there only being 10 blue links in the SERP. 

We’re sorry, but SEO is more complicated than that now. It doesn’t work like that anymore. Featured snippets, nuanced search intent, device-specific contexts.

Move from rankings to insights, we’re offering next-generation rankings analysis that scales.

In essence, we’re building a rank tracking platform on top of everyone’s rank tracking data, because data is a commodity. We’re the data-agnostic ones.

What do you get with ExactScience?

Full SERP Tracking: Organic search rankings need to be presented with context of the visual position, not just its numerical position in terms of other organic search results. We track every element of the SERP with context. Ads, rich snippets, organic results – they’re all included to pain an accurate ranking that’s useful.

Rankings Backfill: Track the history of your rankings. Regardless of your platform start date, pull in the historical full SERP rankings at scale. Determine more trends for your targeted keywords. Identify and analyze their evolution over time.

Link metrics correlations: Analyze the correlation between your link equity and your rankings on a daily basis.

Universal ranking export: Export a set of keyword data points including date, time, absolute and relative rankings, SERP features, device and OS attributes, display and meta-features (including titles and descriptions), and more.

Blend Google Search Console data: Incorporate your own Google Search Console data to validate the rankings’ accuracy and insights. Enhance ranking analysis by effectively surfacing CTR, Click, and Impressions data on the keyword and URL level.


If you’re too skeptical to give AI-generated content a chance, close out your tabs and go home.

CopyScience is NOT for you. 

Content by robots? Natural language generation (NLG) is finally useful thanks to GPT-3. 

What’s GPT-3?  Only the most accessible and competent version of NLG on the market.

Guess what’s creating content for our Beta testers… 

We’ve seen real, valuable natural language generation (NLG) by GPT-3 in action, and it’s game-changing. 

The SEO and social media applications are limitless.

Are you ready to join the robots?

What do you get with CopyScience?

Optimized content for targeted keywords. – Feed us a keyword. Get a perfectly optimized page of copy based on the top 100 results in Google for that query. We extract features, fine-tune the language model, and generate content that checks all of Google’s boxes to rank in search.

Twitter Voice – Upload your complete Twitter archive to prime the model with your tone and voice. Then upload any list of URLs and we’ll summarize the pages and generate tweets in your voice.

Video transcripts with automated internal linking structure – Submit links to your videos and generate a transcript that will automatically add relevant internal links based on a variety of data sources.

Content Ideation tool – Using Twitter and Google, generate content ideas based on what is currently trending in your industry and among your audience.

Structured Data to Text – Submit a selection of structured data (like information about your eCommerce products) and generate attractive and persuasive copy that highlights the most content from your structured data. Develop millions of pages of content at scale from your structured data.

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