WordLift and iPullRank combine knowledge, expertise, and technology to offer clients an innovative and competitive SEO solution.

Because SEO relies on quality data, WordLift, creating the Knowledge Graph, offers companies an innovative way to aggregate data from different sources, adding further value to their SEO strategy.

With Artificial Intelligence and support from our team of experts, WordLift uses Natural Language Processing (NLP), semantic web technologies, and Large Language Models (LLMs) to automate content optimization for search engines and intelligent agents and increase companies’ online visibility.

The strengths of WordLift’s technology include:

  • Develop knowledge graphs that interoperate with linked open data standards;
  • Automate SEO by adding structured data and in-depth content;
  • Increase user engagement by improving the user experience.

Our passion for SEO made us fall in love at first sight! We share the desire to experiment and
research because, in this ever-changing industry, our expertise leads us to create new
integrations to meet the client’s request best, creating a unique relationship.

About WordLift

WordLift is the first semantic SEO platform based on artificial intelligence. Its technology
allows structured data to be quickly and easily added, annotated, and integrated into any website, whether editorial or e-commerce. In this way, it is possible to create a customized
Knowledge Graph that ensures that company data is recognized and understood by Google and other search engines, improving the user experience on the website and increasing the time spent on it. The result is an increase in organic traffic and conversions.

In addition, WordLift has developed integrations for optimizing content based on entities, such as the SEO Add-on for Google Sheets and a Looker Studio Connector that allows reporting and measuring the performance of a semantic SEO strategy.

Finally, WordLift also contributes to the development of advanced SEO solutions. By training and using large language templates such as GPT-3, WordLift enables the automatic creation of product descriptions, FAQs, etc.

WordLift also provides APIs for integration and application development within proprietary

How WordLift can help you grow

Partner offers a range of different services.

When you become a customer of WordLift, you can automate your SEO, get more organic traffic, and provide a better user experience for your target audience.

Everyone knows that WordLift is the best at Semantic SEO.

You get:

Insights from WORDLIFT

What a partnership looks like

Our relationship will evolve as we identify multiple mutually beneficial opportunities that drive revenue.

We’ll bring our ideas, skillsets, and execution to the table to ensure that value is delivered and everyone considers the partnership successful.

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