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Developing High Quality Content That Earns Links - Episode 85

FEATURING Ashwin Balakrishnan

In episode 85, Ashwin Balakrishnan joins the show to share some insights on how you can create engaging content that passively earns links.

We discuss the approach you can use to get internal teams excited to be more involved and assist with projects that will help grow your organization.

Ashwin also shares his thoughts on how you can leverage subject matter experts in your content to help boost your online brand.

Episode Time Stamps

  • [0:00] Intro
  • [3:35] Content Ideation
  • [6:30] How To Get The Data You Need From Internal Teams
  • [8:15] Generating Wins That Get Your Team Excited
  • [10:40] Proving Value To Other Teams In Your Organization
  • [12:49] How To Find And Work With Subject Matter Experts
  • [18:28] High Quality Content From Underrated Sources
  • [20:16] Rapid Fire Rankings 🔥

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This Week's guests

Ashwin Balakrishnan

Title: Head of Marketing

Business: Optmyzr

Bio: Ashwin is a digital marketer specializing in content strategy and SEO. He currently looks after organic marketing at Optmyzr and contributes to Search Engine Journal, Wix, and Nutshell.

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Rank your top 3 anything:

  • Soundgarden
  • Tame Impala
  • Haji & Emanuel

Rank your best SEO marketing win:

Getting our free trial conversion rate at Optmyzr up from 2.3% to 16.4% in 2.5 years.

Rank your Top 3 SEO tools:


Rank your best SEO trick or tactic:

Structuring your page.

When I say structuring your page I’m talking about your title tags, meta description, all of that stuff. 

Also, going one step further with formatting your text, using visuals, answering questions as closely as possible to how they’re asked, etc.

Rank what you love most about SEO as an industry:

I thrive on routine and structure, so I love that SEO rewards consistency. Do the right things over and over gets anyone results over time.

Rank the top 1-3 SEO or Marketers that you most look up to: 

Rank your number one cause/charity that you want to promote:

Stray Animal Foundation of India

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