Recession Proof:

Your SEO Playbook in Economic Uncertainty

What’s the biggest mistake you can make heading into a recession?

Cutting your SEO budget. Unless you’re a 6 month CMO looking for your next gig, discover why this recession is the best time to double down on your SEO investment and the right way to do it.

What Your Recession SEO Playbook covers:

Businesses often jump to freeze SEO campaigns, believing that paid ads or other customer acquisition strategies are more effective. Find out why that’s the worst thing you can do in this playbook:

This guide covers everything you need to get ahead of your competitors and hit this recession head on:

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Recession Proof: Your SEO Playbook in Economic Uncertainty

Don’t cut that SEO budget!

Insights from SEO experts, executives, and marketeing leaders

Zach Chahalis

Director of SEO


Fara Rosenzweig

Head of Content

Christopher Hart

Principal, Business Development

Kevin Indig

Growth Advisor




An ongoing pandemic, rising inflation, supply chain issues, and war conflicts have created the perfect cocktail for instability. We are all worried about an economic downturn.

Despite uncertainty over whether the current world events will trigger a full-blown recession, it’s worth considering what it could mean for your SEO program.

Company leaders may want to pause SEO strategies during economic downturns to save money. Alternatively, they may stop marketing altogether or shift their efforts elsewhere.

Is that the right approach during economic uncertainty? Boosting traffic and sales online can be more cost-effective through SEO campaigns. Finding new ways to stretch your SEO budget is crucial. We’ll show you how in this playbook.

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