An iPullRank Webinar

Help Google and LLMs Understand Your Business with AI

Featuring Andrea Volpini and Garrett Sussman

Time Stamps:

  • (4:10) How Structured Data can inform the UIs of the future for both Search and LLMs
  • (6:51) The Entity-Based Content Model
  • (9:20) Structured Data and the Buyer’s Journey
  • (14:19) Why a Knowledge Graph Provides the Best Results for Search
  • (23:40) Why Do We Still Need Structured Data?
  • (27:50) How We Think Google’s Question Answering System Works
  • (31:57) Is Google Investing in a Knowledge Graph?
  • (39:18) The SEO Renaissance
  • (41:48) SEOntologies – The Path To Expanding the Schema Vocabulary for SEO
  • (46:41) Use cases and Experiments with Knowledge Graphs, Generative AI, and Content Creation.

In this webinar replay, Andrea Volpini of WordLift and Garrett Sussman of iPullRank deliver an engaging presentation on how you can use AI to effectively classify your website with the structured data that Google (and LLM) wants to see.

Andrea answers the questions:

  • Why ontologies for SEO?
  • What is the role of semantic retrieval and Google’s Knowledge Graph in SGE?
  • Why do we still need structured data?

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Will Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) tank your organic traffic?


  • Threat Level by Snapshot Type: Local, eCommerce, Desktop, and Mobile will have a different impact on your organic traffic. Which types are appearing for your keywords?
  • Threat Level by Result Position Distribution: Your visibility within SGE can indicate the likelihood of organic traffic. Where in the Snapshot do your links appear?
  • Automatic SGE vs Click to Generate: Will your audience be force-fed SGE or will that extra click to generate the snapshot save you from missing out on traffic?
  • Threat Level by Snapshot Speed: Slow SGE load times might not impact your organic visibility. How fast does SGE load?

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