Will Google’s AI Overviews (SGE) tank your organic traffic?

Find out how clicks to your website might be impacted in the iPullRank AI Overviews Threat Report.

Google is experimenting with an AI Snapshot. It’s the Featured Snippet on steroids. 

SERPS with AI Overviews


Over the last decade, Google’s updates have reduced organic traffic. Brands are fighting as Google squeezes organic results out of the SERPs. Some industries and keywords will see a significant impact from this AI version of Google.

But like all things SEO…it depends. Will your keywords be decimated?

Sign up to get our data analysis AI Overviews Threat report of your SERPs and get a preview of how your keyword portfolio may be fundamentally flipped.

Included in the threat report:

  • Threat Level by Snapshot Type
    • Local, eCommerce, Desktop and Mobile will have a different impact on your organic traffic. Which types are appearing for your keywords?
  • Threat Level by Result Position Distribution
    • Your visibility within AI Overviews can indicate the likelihood of organic traffic. Where in the Snapshot do your links appear?
  • Automatic AI Overviews vs Click to Generate
    • Will your audience be force-fed AI Overviews or will that extra click to generate the snapshot save you from missing out on traffic?
  • Threat Level by Snapshot Speed 
    • Slow AI Overviews load times might not impact your organic visibility. How fast do AI Overviews load?

Threatened by AI?
iPullRank Can Help

AI Overviews aren’t the only thing that’s impacting SEO. You need to modernize your strategy beyond keywords. If you want to compete with industry leaders or new competitors, you need to adapt the way you think about search.

Our team understands how Search Engines work. In fact, our founder is literally writing the book on it. Contact us for a consultation and find out what you can do to mitigate the threat of SEO. We can help you fix what’s broken and future-proof your content creation process so organic traffic continues to compound revenue. 

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