Behind the Scenes

iPullRank is a digital marketing agency that’s all about delivering great results. We’re a bold, young shop that’s Proactive, Reliable, Outstanding, Useful and Determined – producing PROUD work for amazing clients. Our team consists of strategic, creative and technical professionals passionate about digital marketing.


Michael King

Founder and Managing Director

An artist and a technologist, all rolled into one, Michael King is the Founder and Managing Director of iPullRank, an agency specializing in performance marketing. Mike consults with companies all over the world, including brands ranging from SAP, American Express, HSBC, SanDisk, General Mills, and FTD, to a laundry list of promising startups and small businesses.


Fajr Muhammad

Manager of Content Strategy

Fajr Muhammad is a 10-year SEO veteran, writer and blogger and believes in the power of great content to build brands and influence people. A recovering fashion blogger, Fajr has a soft spot for a great book and a great shoe. #LiterallyWearsManyHats


Rashard Spiller

Manager of Research & Analytics

Rashard is our champion of market research and analytics. Using the Force, he wields qualitative and quantitative research like a lightsaber helping clients strike down business challenges to achieve success. #GimmeMoreData


Neil Banerjee

Account Manager

Known affectionately by his friends as “Brown Bear,” Neil's focus has always been on client relationships. His professional roots are in finance, but he left the world of derivatives to join iPullRank as an account manager. #KeepMeHonest


Dinuki Suraweera


Dinuki made the journey from LA to the Big Apple in 2015, and brought lots of sunshine and green juice to iPullRank. She has a background in finance and has written blogs for Elite Daily and Huffington Post. #Srihanna


Bing Bai

Front End Developer

Bing is a front end developer and UX designer with a passion for better design and building better products, helping lazy people succeed at being lazy. #LikeTheSearchEngine


Shufei Ma

UX/UI Designer

After graduating from Parsons School of Design, Shufei started her career as an UX/UI designer at iPullRank. She is passionate about design and creating empathetic web experiences and interfaces. #SecretMenu


Vicky Qian

Research Analyst

Vicky has extensive expertise in customer segmentation, keyword research, predictive modeling, and data mining in the digital marketing industry. She is a National Champion in Mathematics Modeling. #VickyMoney$


Lee Ann Antuna

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Lee Ann works collaboratively with our SEO and Content teams to execute digital outreach and content promotion. She is passionate about connecting people to quality content through relationship building and social media. #YasQueen


Lorraine Ryshin


Lorraine is a multidisciplinary writer based in New York City. She likes producing words for creative pursuits and watching the effects of SEO best practices come to life. #WordNerd