Content Pruning Workbook

Get the data-backed, formulaic workbook for updating your existing content

Designed to systematize your decision tree for content updates and streamline your SEO efforts, this workbook uses a unique formula to evaluate and prioritize your web pages for optimization.  Prune the guesswork. Take action.

Get Your Content Potential Rating (CPR) SCORES

This formula takes your aggregated search volume analysis, keyword difficulty assessment, and Google ranking insights, and calculates a Content Potential Rating (CPR) score that can mathematically evaluate how to approach your existing content. You’ll have all the data you need to make informed decisions and prioritize content updates:

  • Revise high-potential content
  • Keep steady performers
  • Kill underperforming pages

Our workbook does the assessment page by page. Plus, with the added functionality of tracking current and previous clicks, you gain immediate insights into your content’s performance. Download the Content Pruning Workbook, because evergreen doesn’t drive organic traffic like it used to.

An Advanced Content Audit?
iPullRank Can Help

Serious about using content to drive organic traffic?

The relevance, authority, and value of your content directly influence your visibility and connection with your audience.

Regular content audits are not just beneficial; they are essential. By evaluating your content’s performance, you ensure it remains pertinent, valuable, and reflective of your brand’s depth of knowledge and reliability.

This process is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge, enhancing user engagement, and improving search engine rankings. It’s even more important as Google rankings fluctuate and the Helpful Content System classifies your website.

Content that consistently demonstrates experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (E-E-A-T) are not factors or signals, but they represent what Google wants users to encounter and choose.

Content engineering plays a pivotal role in this ecosystem by strategically updating and optimizing your content to meet these standards. It’s about leveraging data and insights to refine your message, ensuring it’s not only found but also appreciated and acted upon by your target audience.

At iPullRank, we specialize in transforming your content into a powerful asset that drives engagement, builds customer trust, and amplifies your online presence. Interested in a content audit? Reach out today and schedule a consultation.

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