The State of Generative AI - Q3 2023

Has your organization flirted with the idea of using generative AI to improve your productivity, output, and marketing efforts?

The adoption of generative AI has been rapid, but we wanted to determine how it’s being used, where the hesitation exists, and the extent to which it’s being implemented at an individual, team, and organizational level.

We surveyed more than 450 people, analyzed the findings, and compared them to our previous survey.  You can see what’s changed since March and where you stand among your peers and competitors.

What's inside The Q3 State of Generative AI Report:

Currently, while some businesses are in a holding on to the old way of doing things, others are actively venturing into experimentation with generative AI.

This is the moment to establish procedures and guidelines for your AI deployment.

What better way to understand the capabilities, limitations, and use cases of this technology than to get the information directly from other organizations just like yours.

In this report, we provide the data and analysis you need to stay informed on the forthcoming transformation in SEO and content.

The intent of this report is to evaluate the current perception, adoption, and future of Al-generated content. In this case, we are only referring to Al-generated text (for example, articles, ad copy, idea generation):

The State of Generative AI

Uncover key insights on leveraging generative AI in for your business

The State of Generative AI Report | Sneak Peek

How has the generative AI narrative changed?

Despite media narratives suggesting a retreat in AI adoption, the business world tells a different story. Our latest survey underscores this contrast, revealing a substantial boost in trust and content quality perception. While the technology has garnered more trust among users compared to three months ago, it’s crucial to underline that generative AI is not a plug-and-play solution. It still mandates human expertise for essentials like fact-checking, plagiarism detection, and brand alignment.

While the media focuses on the fluctuating tides of public sentiment, in the trenches of business, more organizations are actually doubling down on their investment in AI. Notably, this isn’t limited to individual employees; we’re observing a significant rise in team and organizational adoption, energized by cutting-edge solutions like ChatGPT for Enterprises.

So, what’s the takeaway? Generative AI is not merely surviving scrutiny—it’s evolving from a risky bet to a strategic asset, stepping up its role in content creation and workflow optimization.

The conversation has matured; it’s no longer about ‘if’ but ‘how’ to deploy AI as a core part of your business operations. So, despite the media chatter, the pragmatic view is clear: generative AI is not receding but embedding itself more deeply in the business landscape.

Find out what other complex and insightful findings we uncovered in our survey.

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