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Log File Analysis: The Process And Value - Episode 93

FEATURING Roman Adamita

In episode 93, Roman Adamita SEO Consultant and founder of Picardes steps up to the mic to walk us through the process of Log File Analysis and the enormous value it can highlight for your organization.

Roman shares his thoughts on how to work with teams to gain access to their log files and how to extract high-value insights.

We also discuss some of the unique findings you’ll uncover when doing Log File Analysis and the best approach to use when requesting access from the organizations you work with.

Episode Time Stamps

  • [0:00] Intro
  • [3:45] The Beauty of Log File Analysis
  • [6:50] The Most Useful Insights You Can Surface with Log File Analysis
  • [11:25] Why is the Frequency of Googlebot Crawling Important
  • [13:55] How to Ensure You Have Access to Log Files
  • [16:25] Working with Teams to Retrieve Custom Data
  • [17:40] The Biggest Surprises You’ll Find in Log Files
  • [19:25] Should You Be Using 410s?
  • [21:01] Tools for Log File Analysis
  • [24:52] Rapid Fire Rankings 🔥

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This Week's guests

Roman Adamita

Title: SEO Consultant & Founder

Business: Picardes

Bio: Roman Admita is highly experienced in technical SEO and has been in the SEO industry since 2013. 

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