Discover what it takes to develop a comprehensive content strategy at the enterprise level. Learn how you can create a content machine and get it approved across all of the required stakeholders, departments and even legal.

What the Modern Approach To Enterprise Content Strategy Guide covers:

Content strategy transcends marketing. Your content touches every department from sales to support. At an enterprise, getting content created, edited, and distributed can take months – even years. 

This guide covers everything you need from creation to reporting and all of the governance in between:

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Content Strategy Expert Insights

Mike King

Founder and Managing Director


Machielle Thomas

Sr Brand Manager

Alexandra Pielusko

Director of Content Strategy

Clara Lee

VP of Product & Operations

Kaycee Kaplin

Vice President of Strategic Growth and Marketing

Tommy Walker

formerly Global Editor-in-Chief of Intuit

Adam Rogers

Content Marketing Manager

Andy Crestodina

Co-Founder and Strategic Director

Content Strategy Guide | Sneak Peek


Microsoft is a leader in innovation and creativity, but not just for its contribution to technology. Twenty-five years ago, Bill Gates wrote his seminal essay, Content is King, setting off an entirely new focus for marketing. Since then, enterprise organizations have developed comprehensive content teams to supplement their marketing strategies.

But as your enterprise adapts to new channels and a changing audience, how can you develop a content strategy that encompasses all of your consumers’ needs under a governance model that’s efficient, effective, and reliable?

While we all know how important content is for enterprises, many companies are still not harnessing the full potential of their content with an effective enterprise content strategy.

In its Enterprise Content Marketing 2020 report, Seismic found that only 46% of enterprises have a documented enterprise content strategy. While that’s up 10% from the year before, that’s still more than half not benefitting from a content plan.

Moreover, just 39% of those enterprises rate their content marketing efforts as extremely/very successful. That means over 60% of enterprises see room for improvement.

In today’s competitive world, good content is the base level of expectation. But exceptional content can push you over the edge. Anything short of an excellent content strategy isn’t going to cut it.

It’s understandable why your content strategy might not be as strong as you want it to be. It’s a massive undertaking for an enterprise. Your challenges can include: ‡

  • Copious amounts of content to sort through
  • Multiple customer segments or brands
  • Lengthy stages of approval
  • Various departments to collaborate with
  • Stakeholders around the globe ‡
  • An extensive website with numerous errors

But with effort, persistence, and a solid plan to follow, creating an enterprise content strategy is an achievable task that can significantly improve your business.

Content strategy is not Content Marketing

Content strategy for the modern enterprise is a completely different animal.

Learn from enterprise content experts who have built a content strategy from the ground up: