Botify and iPullRank bring together cutting-edge technology and industry expertise that drive value.

When a leading car comparison company came to iPullRank with a sudden surge of 404 pages, they were able to quickly rule out common technical issues using Botify Analytics. The next step was to look for unexpected behaviors from Google. Using Botify Log Analyzer, iPullRank saw that Google started crawling the client’s site from a location where they did not have inventory. Following iPullRank’s recommendations, the customer defaulted to showing national inventory to both users and bots in order to solve their 404 problems.

Together, Botify and iPullRank offer a powerful combination to maximize SEO performance and drive business growth. With a focus on delivering results, we are dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals.

About Botify

Botify, a leading performance marketing platform for organic search, strengthens the digital brand experience by creating greater content findability. Using proprietary first-party data, Botify protects and scales organic web traffic by surfacing deeper insights and understanding behind hidden organic search ROI—offering intelligent opportunities to increase relevant search results, profitability, and build better brand authority in parallel and at scale.

As the leader in organic search innovation, Botify is trusted by more than 500 of the world’s most visible brands, including Expedia, L’Oréal, Crate & Barrel, Conde Nast, Groupon, Github, Carvana, FNAC Darty, and The New York Times, all of whom have succeeded in leveraging organic search for exponential, long-term results and revenue growth.

We are a fast-growing, VC-backed, SaaS company with $82M in funding and over 350 employees across 7 markets: New York, Seattle, Paris, London, Tokyo, Sydney, and Singapore, with ambitious growth plans for 2023 and beyond.


In a world where over 50% of pages on enterprise websites are invisible to search engines, your brand deserves a solution that turns all your valuable pages into revenue-driving content. With a full-funnel approach to SEO, and a unified data model of 1000+ metrics, Botify offers a unique understanding on your website performances from crawl to conversions, prescriptive insights, and automated execution for faster results.

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