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Audience Targeting: Beyond the Table Stakes of Voice and Tone

Featuring Simon Sternklar & Garrett Sussman

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On this LinkedIn Live chat, Simon Sternklar and Garrett Sussman examine the deeper considerations of audience targeting beyond voice and tone.

There are four main layers of understanding that you need to hit in order to speak effectively to your audience. Each builds on the previous one, much like a pyramid.

  1. Accurately understand who you’re talking to, and why. (So many brands have a very different audience than they intend – also a good spot to mention that we help with audience targeting)
  2. Use a medium that they consume. (Whitepapers are great for execs and analysts; not so great for consumers.)
  3. Have a message that they find interesting and useful. (Experts want highly novel and/or rigorous info. Lay audiences want something basic and comprehensible.)
  4. Speak their language – while still being yourself. (Maintain your voice, but make sure it’s something the audience will listen to)

Watch the webinar and see how Simon walks you through each.

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