An iPullRank LinkedIn Live

The Business of Consolidating a Website

Featuring Michael Glavac, Zach Chahalis, and Garrett Sussman

Topics Covered

Here’s what we covered:

• Evaluating website consolidation options during brand acquisitions and mergers
• Potential benefits of consolidating websites for streamlined operations and enhanced UX
• Understanding potential consequences and challenges of website consolidation
• Real-world examples of successful website consolidation in recent mergers
• Best practices for timing your decision on website consolidation
• Crucial pitfalls to avoid during the consolidation process
• Bonus tips and tricks for successful website consolidation

Are you facing the challenge of consolidating websites after a merger or acquisition?

Whether you’re managing a brand acquisition or considering a merger, this conversation will be a go-to resource for making the right choices when it comes to website consolidation.

In this LinkedIn Live chat, Michael Glavac, Zach Chahalis, and Garrett Sussman discuss considerations for merging multiple websites from a business perspective.

We’re bringing you the expert insights and practical tips you need to avoid any mishaps with your next project.

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