An iPullRank Webinar

Developing an Audience Research Plan for Media/Publishers

Featuring Amanda Natividad and Adrienne Barnes
Moderated by Shantel Branch

WEBINAR Time Stamps

[2:21] What is audience research? 

[5:23] How to make your content focused and actionable for your audience 

[7:41] Understanding why your audience behaves the way they do 

[9:10] Working with audience communities 

[15:00] Using audience research to identify your content focus 

[20:48] Why personas and audience research is important for publishers 

[27:13] Using audience research to avoid the echo chamber 

[28:48] Old-school audience research tactics that still work 

[33:10]  Finding influencers, getting them to work with you 

[37:24] What people get wrong about audience research 

[43:38] How audience research creates content strategy 

[48:24] Applying content research on social media 

In this webinar, Amanda Natividad of SparkToro and Adrienne Barnes of Best Buyer Personas discuss their best strategies for audience research and tactics for truly understanding their personas.

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