An iPullRank Webinar

Google MUM and the Future of Search

A Semrush hosted webinar

FEATURING Michael King, Crystal Carter, and Erika Varangouli

WEBINAR Time Stamps

  • [2:16] The impact MUM will have on your business 
  • [3:35] What is Google MUM? 
  • [6:00] How MUM helps Google to keep up 
  • [7:46] MUM’s impact on Bert; what this means for your brand 
  • [10:00] Seeing MUM in action on a live SERP 
  • [11:18] What can we expect from MUM short-term and long-term?
  • [17:33] Who will rank well with MUM?
  • [18:40] How can you improve rankings with MUM? 
  • [23:07] How does MUM work? 
  • [30:03] What questions can MUM answer?
  • [36:39] Are marketers and SEOs ready for MUM? 
  • [39:46] What can developers do to integrate and align with MUM?
  • [43:37] Practical tips you can use to improve SERP performance post-MUM

iPullRank founder Michael King sat down with Erika Varangouli, Head of International Brand at Semrush, and Crystal Carter, Head of SEO Communications at Wix, to talk about Google MUM. In this webinar, they discussed Google MUM and the dramatic changes that are coming. 

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