A MarketMuse and iPullRank Webinar

The State of Generative AI

Featuring Jeff Coyle and Garrett Sussman

Webinar Time Stamps

[0:00] Intro
[2:44] Why Do We Need a Content Strategy for Generative AI?
[5:03] The State of Generative AI
[7:28] What Does Your Strategy Need to Cover?
[11:33] How to Decide Who Should Be in Charge of Strategy & Governance?
[13:38] What Do You Need to Build Your Strategy?
[16:21] What Types of Workflows Can Be Used?
[20:57] How to Educate People Throughout Your Org
[22:45] What Works and What Doesn’t with Generative AI?
[25:41] Reviewing, Editing, and Fact-checking
[27:45] Will Enterprise Level Organizations Be Able to Adopt Generative AI?
[31:00] Establish Yourself Now
[32:47] Difficulties in Prompt Engineering
[37:07] The Content Moat
[40:51] How Will This Look in 5 Years?
[43:27] How Will Our Search Behavior Change?
[47:03] Final Thoughts

In this webinar, Jeff Coyle of MarketMuse and Garrett Sussman of iPullRank analyze and discuss the results of the State of Generative AI Report. They highlight insights around generative Al for idea generation, trust and adoption, and how organizations should think about a generative AI content strategy.

For more insights, download the report, “The State of Generative AI.

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