An iPullRank Webinar

Why Your Rank Tracking Is Not Enough

Where other rank tracking tools fall short

FEATURING Michael King and John Murch

WEBINAR Time Stamps

[0:38] What is rank tracking?

[1:08] The history of rank tracking 

[2:51] Why rank tracking matters

[4:19] The fundamental flaw with rank tracking software 

[4:35] How Google and SEOs measure rankings  

[6:29] How rank tracking has changed 

[12:47] How should you be rank tracking? 

[21:39] The gaps in rank tracking 

[28:05] Why you should be tracking SERPs

[32:11] Rank tracking, SERP tracking, and topic clustering

[39:12] Rank parsing re-run to analyze historical data

[40:01] The wall between paid and organic

[41:58] Using Exact Science to address these rank tracking problems

In this webinar, Mike King and John Murch break down the state of rank tracking and what tools need to do to evolve with the SERPs:

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