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Exploring The Experience of Black Women In Corporate America - Episode 97

FEATURING Shantel Branch & Neferkara Aaron

In episode 97, Director of Client Strategy, Shantel Branch, and Office & Special Projects Manager, Neferkara Aaron join Senior Digital Marketing Specialist Aaron Johnson to share stories and thoughts on what it’s like navigating corporate America as a Black woman.

Shantel & Neferkara discuss what their approach to things like professionalism and mentorship has been throughout their professional careers.

They also discuss the importance of finding and developing a community and knowing your worth as Black professionals.

Episode Time Stamps

  • [0:00] Intro

  • [2:11] “Professionalism”

  • [6:51]  The Challenge of ‘Keeping It Together’

  • [14:17] The Myth of the ‘Angry Black Woman’

  • [20:58] Pay Equity, Salary Negotiations, & Knowing Your Worth

  • [29:22] The Importance of Mentors

  • [41:48] The Experience of Working for a Black-owned Business

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This Week's guests

Shantel Branch

Title: Director of Client Strategy

Bio: Shantel Branch has more than 15 years of Sales and Account Management experience within the advertising and marketing landscape. She has experience in numerous forms of media, including print & digital advertising, digital marketing, and professional development. For most of her career, she has successfully worked with Enterprise clients directly. Shantel leverages her vast knowledge base to develop and implement strategies that result in longstanding client relationships.

Neferkara Aaron

Title: Office & Special Projects Manager

Bio: Neferkara is an Operations professional and an independent Musician, proving that  “traditional” professionalism and creativity can exist in an ever evolving world. Much of her operational experience has developed from a variety of non traditional roles and her solutionist mindset . More information on Neferkara’s music can be found at

Host: Aaron Johnson

Title: Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

Aaron has over 7 years of experience in the digital marketing space across a variety of fields including PPC, social media, and email marketing. Aaron has worked with brands and creatives in various industries to establish brand identity, cultivate brand loyalty, and execute content strategy. With a creative background and data driven approach, Aaron is able to craft compelling stories through content that connect with our audience and helps to address their pain points.

Aaron Johnson

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