An iPullRank Webinar

2023 SEO Trends: Predictions, Fictions, and Colorful Descriptions

Featuring Zach Chahalis and Garrett Sussman

WEBINAR Time Stamps

[7:50] Recession SEO
[21:08] Contextual SEO
[31:38] eCommerce SEO Trends
[43:07] Entity SEO
[49:19] AI Content and SEO
[1:01:54]  SEO Fundamentals
[1:05:47] 2023 Boring and Ridiculous SEO Predictions
[1:16:03] Sign Off

In this webinar, Garrett Sussman and Zach Chahalis review 2022 trends in the SEO industry, including Contextual SEO, eCommerce SERP changes, Entity SEO, SEO in a recession and the boring SEO fundamentals. They also explored 2023 predictions from the SEO community.

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