An iPullRank Fireside Chat


Featuring Shantel Branch, Aaron Johnson, Neferkara Aaron, AND Vitthal Parker

WEBINAR Time Stamps

[0:00] Intro
[2:59] The Impact of Black Culture on Print Media
[39:00] The Impact of Black Culture on Television
[56:38] The Impact of Black Culture on Radio
[1:27:45] Black Pioneers in Marketing & Advertising
[1:33:55]  Black Culture in Marketing Today
[2:09:33] Black Reprentation in Marketing by the Numbers
[2:11:47] Resources for Black Marketers

In this webinar, Aaron Johnson, Shantel Branch, Vitthal Parker, and Neferkara Aaron explore the various ways in which the Black community has contributed to and reshaped the marketing and advertising industry.

We cover the impact of publications like JET & EBONY Magazine and discuss the role of radio juggernauts like Hot 97 and Power 105.1 on the way we digest and consume media in 2023.

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