An iPullRank Webinar

Enterprise Level Up:

Internal Linking at Scale with JetOctopus

FEATURING Michael King and John Murch of iPullRank
with Serge Bezborodov of JetOctopus

WEBINAR Time Stamps

[4:07] Differences between External and Internal Linking
[6:02] Why does Internal Linking matter?
[10:20] Practical Implementation of Internal Linking
[11:40] Analyzing by Directories
[17:36] Optimize Internal Linking
[22:22] Link Catalog Pages
[25:25] Internal Linking Experiments
[28:10] Internal Linking Conclusions
[30:13] Q&A

In this webinar, Mike King and John Murch of iPullRank along with Serge Bezborodov of JetOctopus address the complexity of internal linking for large enterprise sites.

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