An iPullRank Fireside Chat

Shut up. TechSEO isn't dead.

LinkedIn Live

Featuring Zach Chahalis, Michael Glavac, & Garrett Sussman

WEBINAR Time Stamps

[0:00] Intro
[3:13] Thoughts on the Page Experience System
[5:23] Should Page Speed be factored into SEO
[7:32] Content or User Experience: Which is More Important?
[10:48] What Are the Most Important Things that a TechSEO Does?
[12:43] How Much Coding Experience is Needed in TechSEO
[14:18] Necessary Skills for TechSEO
[20:38] How to Discuss Replatforms & Migrations
[24:38] How to Instill Testing Culture at Your Org
[30:17] Prioritizing Issues
[34:33] Robot.txt Files
[38:41] Will Google Start Viewing Crawling & Indexing Differently?
[41:21] How will AI Content Impact TechSEO
[47:21] Final Thoughts

In this fireside chat, Zach Chahalis, Michael Glavac, and Garrett Sussman walk us through why TechSEO is absolutely not dead. They discuss key insights and skills they’ve picked up throughout their careers and what the future of TechSEO will look like.

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