An iPullRank Fireside Chat


An Honest Conversation About The Black Experience In Corporate America From The Perspective Of Black Men

Featuring Mike King, Aaron Johnson, AND Vitthal Parker

WEBINAR Time Stamps

[0:00] Intro
[5:30] “Professionalism”
[14:32] Working Through The Mental Exhaustion
[43:07] Entity SEO
[30:15] Pay Equity for Black Men In the Workplace
[34:00]  Showcase the Value of Your Work
[36:37] Information & Research are Your Best Friend
[39:10] Setting Goals & Executing
[46:22] The Experience of Being A Black Business Owner
[51:03] The Experience Working For A Black Business Owner
[58:07] Resources For Black Professionals

In this fireside chat, Mike King, Vitthal Parker and Aaron Johnson have an open discussion around their experience as black men throughout their careers in the corporate landscape. They share stories, insights, and memories from that are both transparent and provide a view of what it’s like to walk in their shoes.

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