An iPullRank Fireside Chat


Featuring Shantel Branch, Kami Hess, AND Reilly McGavern

FireSide Chat Time Stamps

[0:00] Intro
[3:23] A Multi-Generational View of the Experiences of Women inCorporate America 
[9:13] Family Considerations
[20:03] Microaggressions in the workplace
[22:50] Pay Equity and Pay Transparency
[34:06] Showing Up As Your Authentic Self
[38:14] The Difference in Expectation Across Generations
[39:47] Being labeled “Difficult”
[44:14] Likability
[46:30] How to Find Mentors and How to Be a Mentor for Others

In this fireside chat, Shantel Branch, Kami Hess, and Reilly McGavern have an open discussion about their experience as women throughout their careers in Corporate America. They discuss experiences, lessons, and the importance of mentorship for women hoping to advance in their careers.

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