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Buckle Up SEOs: 2024 GenAI Predictions - Episode 77

Where queries are weird, advice is controversial, and everything depends.

Danny Sullivan, Google Search Liason, tells SEOs to buckle up at BrightonSEO, then pulls back. Google rolls out an experiment to Follows queries and leave Notes on organic links. What could go wrong? And we have the 2024 Generative AI Boring Predictions. One of Roxana Stingu’s predictions already came true days after publishing the article.

We also discussed generative AI content strategy, custom GPTs for SEOs by SEOs, and our webinar on Subject Matter Expert Content vs. AI Content.


Host: Garrett Sussman | Demand Generation Manager 

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Will Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) tank your organic traffic?


  • Threat Level by Snapshot Type: Local, eCommerce, Desktop, and Mobile will have a different impact on your organic traffic. Which types are appearing for your keywords?
  • Threat Level by Result Position Distribution: Your visibility within SGE can indicate the likelihood of organic traffic. Where in the Snapshot do your links appear?
  • Automatic SGE vs Click to Generate: Will your audience be force-fed SGE or will that extra click to generate the snapshot save you from missing out on traffic?
  • Threat Level by Snapshot Speed: Slow SGE load times might not impact your organic visibility. How fast does SGE load?

Show notes / References:

Google/SERP Updates:

Google Search ranking improvement aims to surface hidden gems – Barry Schwartz – SEL

New ways generative AI can help you find holiday gifts – Google

New SGE features are being rolled out for holiday shoppers. SGE allows users to search for gift ideas and AI will provide more tailored recommendations.

Imagine you’re searching for a gift for a home cook who adores pasta. By using generative AI, you can refine your search to “great gifts for home cooks who love pasta” and receive personalized recommendations that will delight the recipient. This technology empowers you to discover unique and thoughtful gifts that match the recipient’s preferences.

SGE Ads in the Wild – Glenn Gabe

Glenn Gabe noticed Google testing a sponsored content module in the Search Google Experience (SGE) that appeared after asking follow-up questions, suggesting Google’s experimentation with monetization through ads in SGE results.

Are FAQs Showing Up in SERPs Again? – Brodie Clark

FAQ rich results have made a surprising comeback in the SERP results as observed by Brodie Clark. He’s seeing them in his Google Search Console (GSC) properties, raising questions about Google’s intentions. While they were expected to disappear for most websites, they now seem to be reappearing sporadically, possibly indicating a test or bug.

Yahoo Search is set to roll out a redesigned search experience in the first weeks of 2024 – SEL

  • It includes the possibility of a reskin and basic features being introduced.
  • Brian Provost, the Senior VP and General Manager of Yahoo Search, made this announcement during the SMX Next event, indicating Yahoo’s efforts to make a comeback in the search market.
  • While the initial release will focus on basic features, Yahoo intends to continue adding more advanced AI features in subsequent updates.

How SEOs can use GPTs to support their workflows – Caitlin Hathaway

SEO Custom GPTs:

The Scary Potential of Generative AI on Content ft Kristin Tynski – Rankable Ep. 123

Exploring the latest advancements in Generative AI, Kristin Tynski, a seasoned content marketing expert, shares valuable insights on integrating AI into business strategies and the importance of subject matter expertise in AI systems. This episode of the Rankable Podcast delves into the evolving landscape of AI, offering practical tips for organizations looking to adopt these technologies.

Key Takeaways:

  • Latest Developments and Future Trends in Generative AI: The podcast episode delves into the rapid advancements in generative AI over the past year and discusses OpenAI’s Dev Day presentation. It emphasizes the evolving landscape of AI technology and its growing impact on content creation and digital marketing.
  • Effective Adoption of Generative AI by Organizations: Tynski provides actionable insights for businesses on how to integrate generative AI into their operations. This includes the importance of incorporating subject matter expertise into AI systems to enhance accuracy and relevance, ensuring that AI-generated content remains pertinent and reliable.
  • Kristin Tynski’s Experience and Predictions for AI: The article highlights Tynski’s extensive experience in content marketing and her predictions for the AI field in 2024. She shares her journey in creating impactful SEO marketing campaigns and her initiative in analyzing police data to uncover societal issues, showcasing the potential of AI and data analysis in effecting real-world change.

How Content Is Evolving Thanks to AI – Ross Simmonds — Whiteboard Friday

Ross Simmonds, explores the significant impact of artificial intelligence on content creation and marketing workflows. It emphasizes how AI is not a replacement for human creativity but a tool to enhance it. Simmonds illustrates the evolution of content creation, from traditional methods to the integration of AI, and how this transition can positively transform content workflows and quality.

In this webinar replay, Amanda Milligan and Garrett Sussman explored the practical aspects of merging human expertise with the capabilities of artificial intelligence in content creation. As we look forward to 2024, let’s discuss the best ways to use both subject matter experts (SMEs) and generative AI in your content strategy.

Your 2024 Boring (and Ridiculous) Generative AI & SEO Predictions – iPullRank

People tend to either love or hate prediction lists. Personally, I love catastrophically incorrectly predicting the future.

The past year of generative AI? Well, it’s been rapid, overwhelming, and a bit of a rollercoaster.

Well, don’t believe for a moment that we wouldn’t let another year go by without our own beautifully crafted predictions post.

But guess what? We did it differently. Again.

And Roxana Stingu’s prediction has already come to fruition only days after publishing.


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