The Rankable Podcast

Unlocking Small Business ChatGPT Superpowers

Featuring Christoph Cemper

In episode 114, Christoph Cemper, founder of AIPRM, stops by to talk ChatGPT, the AIPRM Prompt Library, and the power small businesses can harness with generative AI.

Christoph sheds light on what small businesses need to understand about how these generative AI tools work and emphasizes the importance of a well-crafted prompt to unleash their full potential. 

We also explore the barriers preventing SMBs from utilizing generative AI and uncover the remarkable productivity boost the tool offers. 

Episode Time Stamps

  • [0:00] Intro 

  • [2:22] The World of AI

  • [5:55] ChatGPT for SEO

  • [7:42] What Small Businesses Need to Understand About ChatGPT

  • [12:18] The Importance of Having a Good Prompt

  • [14:38] Recommendations for Small Businesses

  • [20:24] What’s Stopping SMBs From Using Generative AI?

  • [23:45] The Efficiency of Generative AI

  • [27:30] The Future of Generative AI

  • [33:52] Rapid Fire Rankings

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This Week's guests

Christoph Cemper

Title: Founder

Company: AIPRM

Bio: Christoph started developing code at the age of 10, and sold the rights to his first computer game at 15. He launched LinkResearchTools (LRT) in 2009.

LinkResearchTools is the undisputed leader when it comes to link data quality, backlink profile coverage, and accuracy of link risk assessment. Link Detox has helped users find toxic links in their website’s backlink profile.

He founded AIPRM in January and it’s been a whirlwind.



Rank your best SEO marketing win:

AIPRM by far.

Rank your top 3 SEO tools: 

Rank your best SEO trick or tactic:

Use a brandable name.

Rank what you love most about SEO as an industry:

The reverse engineering part. Investigative, experimental, testing.

Rank your top 1-3 marketers:

Rank your best SEO learning resource:


Rank your top cause or charity:

SOS Children’s Villages

Host: Garrett Sussman

Title: Demand Generation Manager

Garrett loves SEO like the 90s loves slap bracelets.

Each week he interviews the most interesting people in the world (of SEO). When he’s not crafting content, he’s scouting the perfect ice coffee, devouring the newest graphic novels, and concocting a new recipe in the kitchen.

Get insights, stories, and strategies from a range of practitioners and executives leading the charge in SEO.

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Aaron Johnson

Considering AI Content?

AI generative content has gone mainstream.

Discover what that means for your business and why AI generation can be your competitive advantage in the world of content and SEO.