Rankable Ep. 64 – Fallout from Google’s Title Rewriting

On Ep. 64 of iPullRank‘s Rankable Podcast, Garrett Sussman hosts Cyrus Shepard to discuss the topic “Fallout from Google’s Title Rewriting.”

Cyrus is a long-time SEO consultant and practitioner who’s worked with Moz and is the co-founder of Zyppy. Currently building new SEO software. Whatever he’s doing, he’d probably rather be hiking or running.

He’s always educating around the fundamentals of SEO. His deep knowledge of strategy and tactics has established him as a well-regarded source of value in our industry.
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Curious what he’s put out over 2021? Check out his top 2021 content.

Google started to aggressively change titles on search results across the web a few months ago regardless of your title tags.

That’s led to a few headaches for SEOs. Cyrus has been paying close attention and shared what he’s learned over that time.
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In this episode, we covered:

  • How important are title tags?
  • Why should we invest in title tags when Google will just rewrite them?
  • How can you tell when Google changes your titles?
  • What’s the best way to monitor and measure title tag performance?

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Garrett Sussman

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