How we Accidentally Drove the Best SEO Performance Ever and $2.4 Billion in incremental revenue for One of the World’s Largest Banks


Continuing our work with one of the world’s largest banks, we wanted to be sure that our Year One success wasn’t just a function of 2019’s favorable rate environment. 

Our SEO efforts directly impact visibility growth, which creates more opportunities to capture the growing search volume created by the favorable rate environment. That said, we recognized that lead volume would indeed fall, irrespective of the ranking performance, due to a potential drop in search volume if we didn’t expand the keyword universe.

What we did

Using our comprehensive Keyword Portfolio, we built out a strategy to expand the keyword footprint that the Mortgage team was targeting. We mapped the customer journey related to homeownership with net new keyword opportunities to existing pages via our content engineering methodology used for our Content Recommendations. Additionally, we expanded the keyword universe by creating a wealth of new content assets and establishing a robust education center. 

To our surprise, COVID-19 created an even more favorable rate environment and that keyword expansion yielded even more explosive growth in Organic Search performance and generated leads. Every passing month and quarter yielded the best that the bank had ever seen on record. During a 6-month stretch, the company even decided to forgo their Paid Search efforts because they could not keep up with the volume that we were generating. Our proactive approach to mitigating an unfavorable rate environment not only future-proofed the SEO program, but it had the side effect of putting the bank in the right place at the right time to capitalize during the pandemic.

Our Results



(176,936 leads)

Increase in Total Conversions YoY



Increase in Total Keywords Ranked



Increase in Top 3 Keywords Ranked

Our Goals

  • Mitigate Losses due to potential unfavorable rate environment
  • Grow leads from Organic Search
  • Expand Keyword Universe
  • Increase Search Engine Visibility
  • Develop and Implement Content Strategy

Services Used

  • SEO Site Audit
  • Keyword Portfolio
  • Content Audit
  • Content Recommendations
  • Content Plan
  • Content Creation


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