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What Is Enterprise SEO and How Does It Differ From Traditional SEO?

Performing SEO on an enterprise website with thousands of pages is a daunting task. The more pages you add, the harder it is to manage and the easier it is for things to slip through a crack. 

With organic traffic accounting for 94% of click-through rates, you could lose millions of dollars in lost traffic simply because you didn’t invest in Enterprise SEO.

SEO is already challenging. Throw in multiple internal stakeholders, millions of web pages, and it’s a different ballgame. 

SEO becomes even more complex when you have to win at Organic Search for the most competitive keywords, manage multiple subdomains, and continuously improve existing ranking for thousands of keywords.

Enterprise SEO solutions allow larger brands to improve their online visibility through ownership of niche keywords. It’s also a great way to stay on top of reputation management, reach your audience where they are, and drive sales for your business.

These are some of the questions we’ll answer in this piece.

What is Enterprise SEO?

Enterprise SEO consists of all of the strategies used to improve the organic search presence for large sites with thousands or millions of web pages.

Businesses that require enterprise-level SEO include:

For example, Nike has over one million pages indexed on Google and they rank for nearly 400k keywords.

For a large website like Nike’s, traditional SEO best practices won’t work. They’ll need to be adapted to fit an enterprise site with over a million pages.

But when it works, successful Enterprise SEO takes your brand ahead of the competition and improves the online perception of your company. Not only that, but when working with an agency, you can effectively show the result of investment in SEO services. Since your contract will have a fixed cost, attributing revenue growth as a result of organic search conversions can make it easy to calculate the ROI of SEO

For example, an ecommerce enterprise site was suffering from a plethora of technical SEO issues including 404 errors, no-index pages, duplicate content and broken internal links. They also suspected that they were hit by a core algorithm update.

Working with iPullRank, their team was able to fix all SEO issues which resulted in a 34% increase in Organic Traffic revenue year over year driven by a 24% net increase in transactions year over year. This ultimately resulted in an increase in incremental revenue year over year of $24.8 M+.

On the other hand, enterprise SEO failures tend to be catastrophic – with negative impacts on brand reputation and revenue.

What Are the Benefits of Enterprise SEO Services?

Reach Your Audience At Every Stage of the Buyer’s Journey

Research by CEB shows that customers are 57% of the way through the buying process when they engage with a sales rep. It’s important for enterprise companies to provide content that anticipates the buyer’s need and overcomes friction points. However, you can’t engage your audience if you don’t know them.

The buyer’s journey is not a linear route because human behavior is not always predictable. In an ideal scenario, the customer journey starts at the top of the funnel when they’re becoming aware of the problem. Next, they progress through the middle before converting at the bottom of the funnel.

But sometimes, users start at the middle or even the bottom. With multiple touchpoints, your enterprise SEO strategy must be optimized to meet the user where they are in their journey.

If visitors can find you at every stage of the customer journey, then your brand becomes a trusted resource irrespective of where the prospect is in the funnel.

To achieve this goal, you need a content marketing strategy that identifies what the user’s needs are and caters to those needs to convert potential customers.

Dominate SERP for Your Service/Product Category

According to Google, 39% of purchasers were influenced by a relevant search. Another BridgEdge research shows that organic traffic contributes 53% of website traffic. Clearly, search engine optimization is important.

Yet, it’s easy to fall into the temptation of investing your content budget on product pages that directly drive revenue. However, it’s informational content that helps you build trust with your audience and dominate search engine result pages.

Custom-Built SEO Solutions to Win in a Competitive Space

With enterprise companies, traditional SEO fixes may not always work. One tiny change could cause an upheaval.

For example, Ryanair lost all their search visibility when someone updated their robots.txt file to disallow. The directive meant that Google would stop crawling Ryanair’s website until they updated the robots.txt file. The directive remained for 12 days during which they didn’t receive any new visitors from organic search.

The buyer’s journey is not a linear route because human behavior is not always predictable. In an ideal scenario, the customer journey starts at the top of the funnel when they’re becoming aware of the problem. Next, they progress through the middle before converting at the bottom of the funnel.

With enterprise companies, traditional SEO fixes may not always work. One tiny change could cause an upheaval.

For example, Ryanair lost all their search visibility when someone updated their robots.txt file to disallow. The directive meant that Google would stop crawling Ryanair’s website until they updated the robots.txt file. The directive remained for 12 days during which they didn’t receive any new visitors from organic search.

The buyer’s journey is not a linear route because human behavior is not always predictable. In an ideal scenario, the customer journey starts at the top of the funnel when they’re becoming aware of the problem. Next, they progress through the middle before converting at the bottom of the funnel.

Improve Brand Presence

Brands can’t depend entirely on recognition to perform well in search results. The stakes are too high and the competition is stiff. 

While branded searches occur throughout the customer journey, it’s more valuable when the user is buyer-ready. At this stage, they’ve found a solution and are researching products and brands. 

Enterprise SEO services give you the ability to manage and control the public image of your brand. Left unmanaged, your competitors will shape the perception of your brand by stealing branded traffic and converting those keywords.

Take a moment and Google your brand right now. Do you feel good about what you see? Is Google surfacing the best and most important information about your organization? It’s an important exercise to assess your own organic search.

An Enterprise SEO agency ensures that you dominate all branded properties. They also help you form your online narrative, manage negative SEO, and protect your brand image.

Stay On Top of Core Algorithm Changes

Algorithms and search trends are highly fluid. The search rankings fluctuate daily. Thousands of websites are impacted each time Google releases a core algorithm update. You want the positive impact, not the negative effect that leads to loss of traffic and sudden drops in ranking.

Most experts agree that if your site architecture, content, and technical SEO are well crafted, core algorithm updates won’t send your site traffic tumbling. Are you confident that you won’t be upended?

A well-designed SEO strategy for enterprise sites ensures that your website serves high-quality content that satisfies search intent while providing an excellent user experience.

Holistic Optimization

Holistic search engine optimization is a unified approach to search with a goal to improve all aspects of a website to rank high in search engines. A holistic approach to SEO helps you to rank for keywords you’re targeting and OWN your niche. 

Rather than ranking for one or two search queries, your enterprise site will drive organic traffic for highly competitive head keywords as well as secondary long-tail keywords. 

Combine holistic optimization with a great link building strategy and you have a website where:

  • Internal linking and external linking works in perfect harmony to distribute link value
  • You attract targeted links to your best content pieces
  • Your pillar pages rank for a range of competitive keywords as well as low-hanging fruits

Build Authority and Thought Leadership

An Enterprise SEO agency creates the Content Strategy that positions you as an authority. They also create content that attracts high-quality backlinks to your website. 

iPullRank doesn’t stop here. We’ll conduct link-building campaigns to improve the page authority of your web pages and help Google see you as an authority. 

The more authoritative content you have on your website, social media, and other owned media channels, the easier it is for your target audience to trust your company and buy from you.

To create authoritative content, we build E-A-T into each content. It stands for:

E – Expertise

A – Authority

T – Trustworthiness

E-A-T comes from Google Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines which is used to review how much trust should be placed in a brand’s website.

A few ways to improve your website for E-A-T include:

  • Audit your external links to make sure they are authoritative
  • Remove spam comments from your site
  • Conduct reputation research with a goal to eliminate negative SEO
  • Include author details for all blog content
  • Build authority for key figures in your enterprise
  • Remove or update poor content

Get the benefits and strategy of an Expert SEO agency

How Different Is Enterprise SEO from Traditional SEO Services?

Reputation Management

It’s easy to attract negative PR when you’re popular. The worst nightmare of every PR personnel or brand manager is searching Google for your brand name and seeing a SERP full of negative news about your company or CEO. 

For example, Coca Cola market value fell $4 billion when Cristiano Ronaldo replaced a bottle of coke with water during a press conference.

Take a look at the top of SERP and the People Also Ask Section from the result for “Coca Cola”

Reputation management for enterprise clients extends beyond a brand’s image to key figures at the company and even celebrities representing your brand. There has to be a holistic approach for online reputation management to work.

According to the Edelman Trust Barometer, 65% of consumers trust search engines when researching a business. Also, 90% of people conduct online research before making a purchase. You want full control of your search narrative because the information they find has a massive impact on where they spend their money. 

That’s why you should work with an enterprise SEO agency that helps you dominate search results and manage recovery after a crisis.


Scalability is the major difference between Enterprise SEO and traditional SEO. You’re not optimizing a few pages on a small business website. You’re doing SEO on a large website with thousands of pages, so it has to be scalable.

For example, you have hundreds of product pages to optimize and you need a lot of content for each product page and category page. Manually optimizing each page for an enterprise site isn’t going to cut it. Everything has to be scaled up.

That means your enterprise SEO strategy must include automation and workflow management to support operations. You also need a multi-disciplinary team of experts working across content, social media, PR, UX, design, and branding to truly scale content creation and execute complex SEO strategies.

For instance, if your company was doing a name rebrand, you would need to:

  • Migrate to a new domain
  • A new web design that reflects the brand change
  • 301-redirect all URLs from the old domain to the new domain without losing traffic
  • Determine which URL structures to retain or change
  • Plan for previous brand searches through FAQs, blog, and support sections
  • Generate new signals for the new brand through PR and social media campaigns

Demandware is a great case study. When Salesforce acquired them in July 2016, they eased the change by:

    • Incorporate Salesforce branding throughout their landing pages
  • Linking to the acquisition press release from the homepage
  • Waited a year before fully metamorphosing into Salesforce Commerce Cloud in January 2017

Of course, none of this would have been possible without a solid SEO strategy to guide the transition.

Manage Subdomains and Multiple Sites

Running an enterprise site requires SEO managers to manage subdomains and multiple domains in one central location. It’s a frightening task when you consider that it’s easier for larger websites with multiple subdomains to struggle with keyword cannibalization, finding and removing duplicate content. 

SEO companies like iPullRank invest in Enterprise SEO platforms that automate time-consuming SEO tasks. Rather than buying a cheap tool, enterprise SEO platforms allow you to operate at scale across multiple subdomains. This way, we focus on SEO tasks that have the biggest impact on your business goals.

What Do Enterprise SEO Services Include?

Technical SEO

Technical SEO optimizes your enterprise site’s infrastructure to ensure it’s ready to be crawled, accessed, and interpreted by search engines without issue.

With the introduction of Core Web Vitals as a new ranking factor, it’s important that you’re working with an Enterprise SEO agency that has the technical expertise to improve your website’s page experience and other UX-related signals.

Some of the technical SEO tasks performed by an enterprise SEO agency include:

  • Redirects
  • Fixing broken links
  • Javascript SEO
  • Page experience
  • Schema
  • Dynamic content and personalization
  • NLP and Machine Learning opportunities

Strategic Link-Building

52% of marketers believe brand mentions impact search ranking. In a Databox article, SEO experts said that external linking is an important feature for search engine optimization.

Links power the internet. Great content isn’t always enough to rank on Google neither does it magically get you in front of your target audience.

While Google’s requirements for link building continue to evolve, links still matter. To ensure we’re building high-quality links, iPullRank builds links from websites with a domain authority of 40+. We also aim to diversify your link portfolio by getting backlinks from multiple editorial sites and blogs.

Data-Driven SEO Strategy

Data-driven enterprise SEO is the process of collecting and analyzing both quantitative and qualitative data to create an SEO strategy.

It ensures that rather than betting on luck, you judge the success of SEO campaigns and make changes that lead to increased revenue based on real data. 

We’re obsessed with datasets at iPullRank. Data helps us reduce waste and make better decisions for you. We use millions of data points from your industry to improve keyword research, target demographics, build links, execute campaigns, and even create content.

Learn more about our services at iPullRank

How to Choose the Right Enterprise SEO Agency?

SEO is an unregulated industry. For the most part, Google sets the rules and everyone follows them. But without a governing body to regulate practices, it’s up to clients to do their research when searching for Enterprise SEO services.

A few things to look for in an SEO Agency include:

Ability to Evolve with Google

According to Moz, Google makes 9 algorithm changes a day. In 2018 alone, it totaled 3,234 updates alone. Most of the changes are minor, but visible changes usually occur after a core update. Your ideal SEO agency must stay updated and present solutions to help you maximize ranking opportunities for growth.

Data-Driven Solutions

The most successful SEO strategies are driven by data. An enterprise SEO provider tracks and analyzes website data. They measure important KPIs and provide reporting that shows how SEO strategies have generated results over time.

At iPullRank, we examine millions of datasets from traffic, keyword ranking, click data, leads generated, conversion rate, and more. These analytics help us understand what’s working and where we need to make changes to improve SEO results. 

Enterprise SEO agencies must have strong data mining skills to find gaps and opportunities they can exploit for enterprise clients.

Dedicated SEO Team

I earlier stated that hiring an Enterprise SEO agency allows you to leverage the expertise of a multi-dimensional team. iPullRank provides a dedicated team that includes: 

  • Link building expert
  • Tech SEO support
  • SEO strategist
  • Copywriting
  • Web analytics and reporting
  • Market researcher
  • SEO engineer
  • Data Analyst
  • UX designer
  • Conversion rate optimization specialist
  • Paid search expert
  • Account manager

Staffing a team of this size in-house could easily cost over a million dollars annually in salary and benefits. By partnering with iPullRank you enjoy the benefits of a full-service enterprise solution without the associated costs.


Given that enterprise websites have thousands to hundreds of thousands of pages, scalable SEO is crucial for success. Without it, you could face issues with legacy, indexing, and crawlability that affect user experience and SEO.

The best agencies leverage Enterprise SEO platforms to automate tasks such as identifying problems, fixing issues, and monitoring large websites to ensure efficiency.

How Can I Learn More About Enterprise SEO Services from iPullRank?

The fight for organic traffic is cutthroat for enterprise companies. You have competitors on all sides either unwilling to give up top positions or doing their best to usurp you.

You need an enterprise SEO company focused on providing a holistic SEO strategy that is future-proof, scalable, and result-driven.

Want to learn more about enterprise SEO and how it can benefit your company?

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