Rank & File: The Anatomy of an Effective SEO Deliverable

In this episode of Rank & File, lean how to develop effective SEO deliverables that work for SEOs and non-SEOs alike.

Rank & File - The Anatomy Of An Effective SEO Deliverable

My introduction to Search Engine Optimization was at a firm wherein our clients gave us direct access to their sites via FTP and we made changes. There was no version control, just people like me making changes in Notepad or Dreamweaver and then uploading. When I transitioned into the network agency world, the idea of writing about SEO was a bit foreign to me.

Throughout my career, I have refined and defined many deliverables for SEO, Content Strategy, Measurement, and Development. In this episode of Rank and File, I share our approach to developing effective SEO deliverables.
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Now over to you, what have you found to be effective in your SEO deliverables?
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Mike King

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