Rankable Ep.62 – The Value of Google Tag Management Across Your Organization

Welcome to Episode 62 of iPullRank’s Rankable Podcast, where we discuss various hot topics in the world of SEO and digital marketing.

On Ep. 62, Garrett Sussman hosted Simo Ahava, Co-founder of technical marketing education platform Simmer, to discuss the topic “The Value of Google Tag Management Across Your Organization”

Simo is a highly regarded educator in the world of marketing and data. He’s taught courses on CXL on Google Tag Manager, analytics, and more.

He understands the challenges around tracking as tech embraces user privacy. In this interview, Simo will cover how to inspire data awareness across your organization.

We also discussed:

  • How Simo got into digital analytics with a Notorious BIG website in 1997
  • The benefits and detriments of server-side tracking for larger organizations
  • Google Tag Manager, consent, and online privacy in 2021
  • Potential website performance improvements using server-side tagging and the SEO value

*You can find Simo on the Measure Slack community.


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Garrett Sussman

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