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Schema Value in SEO Beyond Rich Snippets

Featuring Dave Ojeda

In episode 120, Dave Ojeda stops by to chat about the intricacies of Schema markup.

Dave emphasizes the value of Schema and its role beyond enhancing search engine visibility. We discuss entities and the relationship they have with semantic Schema markup as well as how they enrich the context of your content.

Dave also highlights common mistakes to avoid when working with Schema and the advantages of implementing Schema markup within your organization.

Episode Time Stamps

  • [0:00] Intro

  • [4:02] The Value of Schema

  • [7:19] Entities in the Context of Schema

  • [9:03] The Advantage of Schema Markup

  • [11:13] How to Implement Schema Markup at Your Organization?

  • [14:05] How will the Importance of Schema Change in the Future

  • [18:35] Common Mistakes People Make With Schema

  • [23:00] Rapid Fire Rankings

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This Week's guests

Dave Ojeda

Title: Owner

Company: Dave Ojeda Consulting

Bio: For 14 years, Dave Ojeda has worked in digital marketing helping businesses increase their organic leads and convert more sales. During the last 7 years, he has focused on providing Schema Markup strategy and design to help businesses build knowledge graphs.


Top 3 of anything: 

  • Star Wars

  • Jaws

  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Rank your best SEO marketing win:

Years ago I was brought in because a client was losing rankings, pages were getting de-indexed. What we realized was that the pages were from a certain group that controlled a certain area of the site. And it ended up being a disgruntled employee that was intentionally making changes to impact the site’s rankings.

Rank your top 3 SEO tools:  

Rank your best SEO or trick or tactic:

Live in the SERPs. Use the tools as a guide, but live in the SERPs.

Rank what you love most about the SEO industry:

It’s always changing.

Rank your top 1-3 marketers: 

Rank your best SEO learning resource:


Rank your top cause or charity:

Habitat for Humanity.

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