Discover everything you need to know about Google’s AI-powered search feature the AI Overviews. Learn about how it works, how to optimize it, and how it might impact your organic traffic in the future.

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In this webinar replay, Mike King and Garrett Sussman covered practical strategies for adapting to Google’s AI Overviews (SGE). 

Session highlights:

  • Introduction to AI Overviews: Breaking down what it is and its significance.
  • Evaluating the Impact: Insights into how AI Overviews might change things and practical steps to prepare.
  • Crafting Your Plan: Focused strategies for evaluating and prioritizing your website content.
  • Effective Content Adjustments: Tips on modifying your content to align with AI Overviews requirements without losing your website’s essence.
  • Ongoing Monitoring: How to keep track of your content’s performance and make adjustments as needed.

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Everything you need to know about Google’s AI Overviews (SGE). What does it mean for SEO and content strategy?

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With uncertainty around Google’s AI Overviews, discover what you can do to show up in the AI snapshot and protect your brand from traffic loss.


Will Google’s AI Overviews (SGE) tank your organic traffic?


  • Threat Level by Snapshot Type: Local, eCommerce, Desktop, and Mobile will have a different impact on your organic traffic. Which types are appearing for your keywords?
  • Threat Level by Result Position Distribution: Your visibility within AI Overviews can indicate the likelihood of organic traffic. Where in the Snapshot do your links appear?
  • Automatic AI Overviews vs Click to Generate: Will your audience be force-fed AI Overviews or will that extra click to generate the snapshot save you from missing out on traffic?
  • Threat Level by Snapshot Speed: Slow AI Overviews load times might not impact your organic visibility. How fast do AI Overviews load?

Gauge the potential threat level of SGE on your site traffic. Get insights into the likely changes to the search demand curve and CTR model.

Learn how AI Overviews work

Michael King breaks down the potential impact of Google’s AI Snapshot on organic search, the tech behind it, and how you can prepare for it. 

Learn how to adapt your website for Google’s new AI Overviews, tackle optimization challenges, and get ready for its launch.

What impact will Google’s AI Overviews have on news outlets? Find out what publishers can do to protect themselves and their organic search revenue.

Find out the implications for news outlets

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