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Protect Yourself From JS Rendering Disasters - Episode 91

FEATURING Dan Reno & Zach Chahalis

In episode 91, Dan Reno of Botify and Zach Chahalis of iPullRank stop by to discuss how JavaScript can prevent Google from rendering all of your content, how that might impact crawling, and how you can use dynamic rendering to ensure you’re not stuck in a delayed rendering queue.

We discuss how Botify’s tools like SpeedWorkers can be used to sniff out and prevent issues before they arise.

Dan & Zach also share some insights on how Google comprehends JS rendering and where that interaction could improve.

Episode Time Stamps

  • [0:00] Intro
  • [4:04] Has Google’s Comprehension of JavaScript and its Rendering Capabilities Improved?
  • [6:20] The Major Issues with JavaScript Rendering.
  • [9:25] Is Render Budget a Thing?
  • [12:09] Is it in Google’s Best Interest To Create a Metric For Render Budget?
  • [14:25] SpeedWorkers & Dynamic Rendering Solutions
  • [21:07] Defining Cloaking
  • [27:45] Will There Ever Be a Time Where Dynamic Rendering is Not Needed?
  • [30:35] Final Thoughts on SpeedWorkers & JavaScript Rendering
  • [32:49] Rapid Fire Rankings 🔥

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This week's guest

Dan Reno

Title: Solutions Consultant

Business: Botify

Bio: Self-taught technical SEO for over 15yrs with a penchant for building teams.

Podcast References: 

Zach Chahalis

Title: Director of SEO

Business: iPullRank

Bio: Zach Chahalis has over a dozen years of experience in digital marketing focused on developing and executing SEO strategies for Fortune 500 brands including Genuine Parts Company, GameStop, Michaels Stores, Sodexo, CoStar Group, and Global Payments Inc. Zach also has experience working both agency-side and in-house with companies of all shapes and sizes ranging from local universities and regional home builders to national hotel groups and multinationals. Additionally, Zach leverages his experience and degree in business administration to develop data-driven marketing strategies beyond SEO, including developing several national loyalty rewards programs as well as leading analytics implementations and PPC campaigns for large brands. Zach is also the co-founder of the ATL SEO organization.


Dan Reno’s Rapid Fire Rankings

Rank your top 3 anything:

  • Wife
  • First son
  • Second son

Rank your best SEO marketing win:

Testing interlinking strategies via “GravityStream”

Rank your top 3 SEO tools: 

Rank your best SEO trick or tactic:

Interlinking optimization.

Rank what you love most about SEO as an industry:

Cross-disciplinary nature, Site structure (IA), testing (iteration).

Rank your best SEO learning resource: 

Rank the top 1-3 SEOs or Marketers that you most look up to: 

Rank your number one cause/charity that you want to promote:

Aspire Chicago — Fantastic local organization actually making an impact in the community.

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