Episode 23 - SEO on TikTok and a Hiatus

Where queries are weird, advice is controversial, and everything depends.

Taking a month-long hiatus from the SEO weekly, but we’ve also launched a TikTok channel for the iPullRank agency.

In this week’s episode, we also cover Web Stories, Ahrefs Webmaster Tools, and if Reddit is a good Google search replacement.


Host: Garrett Sussman | Demand Generation Manager 

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Show notes / References:

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Google/SERP Updates:

Fun fact: 15% of all Google searches have never been searched before. – Google

Google Search Is Dying

DKB, an anonymous independent researcher put out an article that went viral on Reddit and Hacker News discussing the poor search results from Google, the problem with ads, and how searchers are appending Reddit to their queries in order to get a more authentic answer to what they’re looking for.

Use these tools to boost Web Stories performance

Web Stories – How it Works

Google for Creators put together a nice little tutorial on how you can track your Web Stories performance via analytics and data studio. You can watch more detailed performance than basic SEO metrics.

Twitter Threads/Tweets:

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools – Chima Mmeje

In this Twitter thread, Chima walks through all of the features available in Ahref’s free Webmaster Tools suite. Chima loves how they show you what to prioritize when you get started. She highlights their simplified dashboard, backlinks analysis, keyword position ranking, referring domains, and more.

Chima also has launched the Freelance Coalition for Developing Countries. She pairs freelance mentors with aspiring freelancers in a range of developing countries providing support and education to help them succeed.

The impact of having an SEO team mindset vs having an SEO Champion – Kristal Audain via Semrush

“Recently companies are waking up and realizing that SEO is important to their overall strategy resulting in an increase in corporate SEO positions.

However, more times than not, this results in only 1 or 2 SEOs on a team carrying the banner for the entire company. This can be a lonely place.

SEO work should not only fall on the shoulders of the “SEOs” in title but should be a team effort.

This can be accomplished in one of two ways: Hire SEOs who work cross-functionally outside of the SEO team or have the SEO SMEs teach other members of the team basic SEO skills based on their duties.

By make SEO a staple in the strategic toolkit, it makes ideation, implementation, and analysis so much more effective than having 1 or 2 champions that are constantly going to bat for the cause.” 

General SEO:

Page Experience for Desktop: Your Preparation Guide

Ahead of the Desktop Page Experience update rollout, Toby Nwazor provided a few free tools that you can use to evaluate your existing desktop Core Web Vital Metrics and some steps you can take to improve desktop page experience.

Technical SEO Articles:

Evaluating The Quality Of CausalImpact Predictions – JC Chouinard

JC provides a statistical deep dive into using the CausalImpact library for SEO experiments but cautions that all SEO experiments can be difficult to produce repeatable results and despite statistical significance, can still have an incorrect conclusion if you’re using the wrong control group (if you’re using a control group).

Outcome-Driven SEO Roadmaps – Adam Gent

Adam provided a framework for an SEO project roadmap that starts from business goals, to task creation, to execution. He’s put together some useful process visuals that you can use to strategize, execute, and even present your SEO project to the C-Suite.


Conductor Buys ContentKing

Enterprise SEO SaaS company Conductor bought Technical SEO SaaS tool Content King this week. It will be interesting to see how the two tools are integrated and when that will be put into play.

Visualizing crawl data from Screaming frog – Alice Roussel

Alice put together a beautiful data studio report that combines Screaming Frog data and GSC data into a nice visualized template that you can use. The template covers, Crawl Overview, Search Performance, Accessibility, Technical Performance, Mobile Performance, Internal Links, Content, and an Explorer.

Lost GSC impressions URL Inspection – Dave Smart

Dave created a tool that highlights where you’ve lost impressions for a specific URL over a period of time and then tests that URL for indexing issues. Great use of the new GSC URL Inspection API

SEO Pro Extension on Product Hunt – Kristina Azarenko

Kristina’s awesome SEO Chrome extension was added to Product Hunt. It’s a badass-free tool to pull a bunch of helpful SEO data from whatever URL you’re working on. Give it an upvote on Product Hunt and support Kristina.

Time to Shine: MozCon 2022 Community Speaker Pitches Now Open

Apply to speak at MozCon 2022 for a 15 min community slot. They are currently accepting applications. Submissions close by next Friday the 25th.


Under the Hood of the SERPs ft John Murch

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