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ChatGPT and SEO - Episode 50

Where queries are weird, advice is controversial, and everything depends.

AI content and ChatGPT has taken the SEO world and mainstream media by storm. Everyone has a strong opinion around the pros and cons of AI content. Will it ruin the industry? Would you be a fool not to begin implementing it into your SEO workflows? 

In our inaugural 2023 episode of The SEO Weekly, we also cover E-E-A-T, the completed rollout of the Helpful Content System Update and the Link Spam Update, and building a product knowledge graph for e-commerce SEO. 


Host: Garrett Sussman | Demand Generation Manager 

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Show notes / References:

Google/SERP Updates:

[1:30] E-E-A-T: Added Experience qualifier to the Quality Rater Guridleing – Released 12/15/22

[4:20] Google December 2022 link spam update done rolling out

[4:37] Helpful Content Update

[6:00] Link Spam Update

[7:11] Google’s Spam Policies

ChatGPT and AI Content – General SEO:

[8:50]  – Intro to ChatGPT and SEO

[10:22] iPullRank’s Founder and CEO Mike King’s take on if AI content is bad.

[12:39] Which reputable publications already using AI content reviewed and fact-checked by the editorial team – Tony Hill

[13:00] BankRate’s AI Performance in Search by Kevin Indig

[13:40] Mike King on how you should be using AI Content.

[16:47] Danny Sullivan’s Tweet reexplaining Google’s take on AI content

[17:05] Do you need to worry about whether content is generated by AI? If so, what tools should you use?

[17:40] A non-exhaustive list of AI Image Generation tools

[18:15] The importance of prompt engineering for SEO

[22:15] AI content prompts for SEO

[27:35] Prompts for content creation

[30:15] Form to submit your AI Prompts for SEO Public Library

[30:50] AI tools for content creation

[32:15] AI content for SEO webinar iPullRank and WordLift

[33:28] E-Commerce SEO: How To Increase the Visibility of Your Products By Building a Product Knowledge Graph


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