How to Measure the User Journey with Content Groupings, WordPress & GTM

Google regularly rolls out features that make me feel like a visionary. Ok wait. To be fair, they also rollback features that make me feel more like an angry old man shaking his cane at the sky. Content Groupings for Google Analytics is one of those features that goes with the former.

If you've seen me speak on content or personas at any conference in the past four years, you've likely heard me say something... Read more »

Google Webmaster Tools Killed the CTR Study

This might be a bit of a rant.

I've long felt CTR studies were not comprehensive enough to tell the complete story of user behavior, but unfortunately that's all we've had to go on. Although I am a huge proponent of market research I've found the shortcomings of CTR studies to be too much to shake. After all we're an entire industry convincing people to make considerable investments for 18.2% of search volume? When you... Read more »

The Persona-Driven Keyword Research Process

This being my second time building an SEO Strategy practice from scratch I've gotten to put a lot of what I learned from the first go round into play the right way. Given the inevitable interagency interactions I've gotten the opportunity to endure see a lot of different agency deliverables and for the most part I've left the experience with the conclusion that the output of keyword research was lacking. Well not just the output, but the... Read more »

3 Things the SEO Echo Chamber is Wrong About and Why

It goes without saying that the SEO Community is the most valuable asset that we have to determine how to do our jobs. In fact, aside from the few bones that Google throws us, almost everything we all know about SEO is due to people figuring something out and sharing it.

However I often imagine Google employees sitting on Android couches or racing their segways and giggling about how they've injected misinformation... Read more »

What It Takes To Get Remarkable Content Done

Lately the SEO industry has collectively started to wake up to the fact that the "Content Marketing" masquerade is coming to a close. However the show must go on and users have been saving the last dance for quality ideas and Content Strategy. As a believer in remarkable content I'd say it's about time Prince Charming showed up.

However, as with most heavily touted ideas in SEO, this call for quality comes up against a... Read more »

Everybody’s Trying to Give a TED Talk: The Shift from Tactics to Strategy in SEO

In 2012 I've had the honor of attending almost every notable SEO conference from Australia to Israel and all points in-between. Walking through the crowds and passively eavesdropping on conversations I've heard many attendees express the same sentiment with the same exact phrase many times.

"It's like everybody's trying to give a TED talk."

Those people seemed to be brimming with disgust at the idea that they'd just attended a... Read more »

How to Uncover 100s of New Longtail Keywords in Minutes

Hey, I’m Andrew Breen. I run Outshine Online Marketing.  We’re a small company with big ambitions. Let’s connect on Twitter: @breenandrew.

By now you’re probably well acquainted with Google Suggest. Its Google’s search tool that gives you Search suggestions as you type your query into the Google search box.

And while Google Suggest can generate some hilarious and weird results, you can also you it to quickly... Read more »

How Facebook Changed Things and the Release of Open Graph Helper

In the beginning there was Google. Well, actually, in the beginning there was “Archie Query Form”. Alta Vista, Yahoo and Ask Jeeves, were not far behind. But eventually, Google came onto the scene and drastically changed what it meant to find information by promising to deliver the most relevant content.

This article is not a debate about the quality of Google’s results as of late, so let’s not go there. What this article is focused... Read more »

Sweet Titled Tweets Fit the Wit in Twitter

Do you titillate with your tweets?  Are you helping or hindering the sweet tweets of others?  Do you wanna call out some 'tweeps,' bringing the heat via tweets?  The 140-character power is in your fingers.  With a little creativity and ingenuity, one can use the musings contained in a tweet to make some progressive motions and elicit desired reactions from followers.  A tweeter can do endless things in a limited space...

"But out... Read more »