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Brand Consistency in Generative AI Content Marketing and SEO

Featuring Krista Doyle

In episode 108, Krista Doyle, Content Marketing Manager at the generative AI tool Jasper, stops by to discuss how SEOs and Content Marketers should be using generative AI while trying to maintain brand consistency.

Krista gives some great advice for those looking to stay ahead of the curve of AI innovation and shares some insight into how generative AI can be used responsibly for content.

We also dive into some emerging tools that are making an impact in the AI space and whether the AI takeover will lead to a positive future in the long run.

Episode Time Stamps

  • [0:00] Intro

  • [3:35] How AI is Impacting Jasper

  • [5:53] Staying Ahead of the AI Curve

  • [9:01] How is the Conversation Around AI Different for Marketers vs Developers

  • [10:47] How Will Generative AI Impact SEO?

  • [16:23] Jasper’s Philosophy on Generative AI

  • [20:04] Using Jasper to Create Content

  • [24:26] Emerging AI Tools to Pay Attention To

  • [28:10] The Future of AI: Positive or Negative?

  • [30:55] Rapid Fire Rankings

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This Week's guests

Krista Doyle

Company: Jasper

Title: Manager, Content Marketing

Bio: Krista Doyle is a writer-turned-SEO-nerd based in Austin, TX. By day she manages technical SEO and on-site content at Jasper, by night she builds affiliate sites, podcasts, and explores Texas with her wife and their dog, Franklin.

Websites: Not Another AI Newsletter


Rank your top anything:

  • Fountain Diet Coke from McDonald’s

  • Cold can over ice.

  • Fountain from anywhere else

Rank your best SEO marketing win:

It was my first job in SEO and I did not yet know what attribution was from content. We were trying to outrank one of our major affiliates for a bunch of keywords. We did it and it worked fast. We were pulling in about $10K a month off one piece of content. There’s nothing like that first super fun & exciting win.

Rank your top 3 SEO tools:

  • GSC

  • Ahrefs
  • Jasper

Rank your best SEO trick or tactic:

Right now, I’m deep into programmatic pages / content automation.

Rank what you love most about SEO as an industry:

It keeps me on my toes. With SEO, you’re forced to always be learning, testing, tinkering. There’s nothing better!

Rank your top 1-3 marketers:

Rank your best SEO learning resource:

Rank your top cause or charity:

The Alexandria Zoo, near my hometown in Louisiana. It was a special place to my Dad, who I lost last year, and it’s still repairing some damage from a bad hurricane two years ago, so I always try to find ways to support when I can.

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